Book Review: Writing Down Your Soul

From time to time, I am opening this space and my podcast to reviews of books that fit into the categories of positive thinking, and manifestation, as well as related spiritual and new-age works. Today, I am opening this space to a new discovery of mine: Writing Down Your SoulContinue Reading

38 Inspirational Quotes about Life and Career

Need some inspiration to take action, and create the best life in 2021? I have some inspirational quotes for you today, that can assist you in doing just that! Leave a comment below, and let me know which one is your favorite! Inspirational Quotes About Life and Career    Continue Reading

10 Inspirational Quotes About Writing And Journaling

Writing can be transformative, inspirational, insightful, and healing. Journal writing consistently can do all of that and much more, which is why so many people have sworn by a daily practice of journaling. Whatever your reason for writing is, today, I want to inspire you to pick up the pen,Continue Reading