Motivational Quote of the Day: Becoming An Ideal Neighbor

Motivational Quote of the Day:   Invite yourself to be the neighbor you would love to have. Who would be your ideal neighbor? Would you like someone who’s friendly, generous, and considerate or someone who’s aloof, possessive, and critical? – Jonathan S. Kaplan (Urban Mindfulness)   Motivational Video of theContinue Reading

Positive Quote of the Day About Humble Beginnings

Positive Quote of the Day:   Humble beginnings can create the perfect foundation for success because starting at the bottom creates almost endless opportunities to enjoy small successes. – Jeff Haden   Positive Video of the Day:     Recommended Reading: Motivational Quote of the Day: Surrender 28 Powerful SelfContinue Reading

Motivational Quote of the Day: Surrender

Motivational Quote of the Day:   Oddly, counterintuitively, in our culture of individualism and self-centered valor, it is by surrendering that we can begin to succeed. It is by ‘admitting that we have no power’ that we can begin the process of accessing all the power we will ever need.Continue Reading

Inspirational Quote of the Day:   Remember that the tools and aims of our training are unaffected by the turbulence of the moment. Stop. Regain your composure. It’s waiting for you. – Ryan Holiday   Inspirational Video of the Day:     Recommended Reading:   Overcoming Overwhelm With Self-Compassion 10Continue Reading

Stay Positive! 25 Quotes To Inspire!

  You may be tired of hearing the words “Stay Positive!”, because everyone seems to be shouting it, no matter which way you turn – from business lectures to self-help books, to anyone who wants to improve your life and see you succeed. But even though this is a statementContinue Reading