10 Inspirational Quotes About Writing And Journaling

10 Inspirational Quotes About Writing And Journaling

Writing can be transformative, inspirational, insightful, and healing. Journal writing consistently can do all of that and much more, which is why so many people have sworn by a daily practice of journaling. Whatever your reason for writing is, today, I want to inspire you to pick up the pen, or sit at your keyboard, and allow the words to flow, by sharing these quotes for you. As someone who keeps several types of journals, I also included a list of some types of journals that you may want to keep.

10 Inspirational Quotes about Writing And Journaling


Writing is not merely a profession. It is a way of coming to terms with the world and with oneself. - R. V. Cassill


1. Writing is not merely a profession. It is a way of coming to terms with the world and with oneself. The whole spirit of writing is to overcome the narrowness and fear by giving an order, measure, and significance to the flux of experience constantly dinning into our lives. Out of that din comes the fear of ignorance, fear of being alone, fear of dying without having defied the brutal indifference of the physical universe. Everyone who writes makes some attempt to face those fears by the very act of writing as best as he can – R. V. Cassill

2. Those of us who keep journals will be in better control of our tongues when we have written out some of the hurts and offenses we have suffered and when we have given expression to feelings of mistrust or revenge toward persons who are close to us, or with whom we would like to feel close. If we use journals to explore the intensity of tender and hateful feelings, we will find ourselves becoming better communicators.  Expressive and appropriate words will be available when the time comes. The clearer we are about our feelings and desires, the better able we are to communicate them to others in a way they are able to understand. –  Elisabeth O’Connor – Letters to Scattered Pilgrims

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3.The very act of writing can be remarkably creative. When I sit down with the paper in front of me I know in general what I want to say, but seldom know the details. As the ideas are expressed in written form, however, they begin to grow and to develop by their own inherent logic. Always I am a bit surprised by what has been written, for I have become in some sense an instrument. – Elton Trueblood

4.My journal helped me remember my reactions and some things I had read. It also reminded me of things I wanted to think about more deeply, and helped crystallize my thinking – Kathryn Koop

5.In a diary you catch the excitement of each event because the emotion is fresh. The diary is spontaneous, uncalculated, and persuasive because the event has occurred. The sense of immediacy os the value of a diary and gives the feeling of a newly discovered truth – Author Unknown

6.The moment we realize that any thought, ours or borrowed, is pregnant enough not to be wasted or original enough not to be likely to come back again, we must fix it on paper.  Our manuscript should mirror our reading, our meditations, our ideals, and our approach to it in our lives. Anybody who has early taken the habit to record himself in that way knows that the loss of his papers would also mean a loss of his thinking possibilities. – Ernest Dimnet – The Art of Thinking

Translating our thoughts into language is psychologically and physically beneficial. When people write about major upheavals, they begin to organize and understand them. - James Pennebaker

7.A Journal helps us clarify our priorities. Life always seems at least a step or two ahead of us. It is easy to lose control. I often turn to my journal as the key to unlock the shackles of the time trap. Reflection enables me to sort out what’s important. The commitments
that clamor and crowd in on me lose some of their urgency in the light of my basic goals and values. On the other hand, a clear perception of the important matters awakens a new resolve to get on with it – Douglas Rumford

8. Translating our thoughts into language is psychologically and physically beneficial. When people write about major upheavals, they begin to organize and understand them. Writing about thoughts and feelings of traumas, then, forces individuals to bring together the many facets of overwhelming complicated events. Once people can distill complex experiences into more understandable passages, they can begin to move beyond the trauma. – James Pennebaker

9. Writing about traumatic or troubling life experiences initially unleashes difficult,  conflicting emotions. In the long run, though, we feel better emotionally and are healthier and achieve a level of understanding of our lives that only writing can provide. Safe writing – writing what we already know or understand, writing that is superficial – won’t help us grow, either as people or as writers. For our writing to be healing, we must encounter something that puzzles, confuses, troubles, or pains us – Louise DeSalvo – Writing As A Way of Healing

10. And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. – Sylvia Plath

Types of Journals, You May Want To Consider Keeping

Morning Pages

This type of journaling was made popular by Julia Cameron and is a stream-of-consciousness type of writing, which should be done daily, mainly in order to unlock creative blockages.  If you have not read The Artist’s Way, which is where Julia speaks about this type of journaling at length you should absolutely read it, even if you do not consider yourself a creative person.

Spiritual Journal

A spiritual journal can mean a lot of things, depending on your faith and your personal preferences, but I use this type of journal to record inspirational notes and connect deeper to my Source as well as keep track of any insights that I might have had during meditation or prayer. I also include prayer requests in mine, but you can keep a separate prayer request journal for these purposes as well.

Quote Journal

If you are a quote collector like me, this will be one of your favorite types of journals. I often make the pages quite colorful, using watercolor backgrounds, or drawing different related images that spoke to me when reading and noting a particular quote.

Art Journal

This brings me to the art journal, which can contain just art – I keep my mixed media pieces in an altered book, which I use one of my art journals – or contain a combination of journaling pages and art pages. This is a fun way to express yourself and sometimes allow emotions to flow through movement onto the page, bringing insights and release you may not experience otherwise.

Family Journal

Family journals are often memory type journals that include not just personal thoughts, but also little notes on all of the other members of the family – including at times pets. These types of journals are especially fun to keep when children are young, as they grow so fast, and it is such a lovely way to keep a visual and written record of all of the wonderful things that happen during their younger years. You may want to keep in mind if this is going to a journal you will gift it to them later when writing within it though as you may want to then censor the content according to the future recipient.

Bullet Journal

A very popular type of journaling that combines creating a to-do list, habit trackers, and anything you want to keep a record of, which can be as expressive or as simple as you choose it to be. There is a huge community of bullet journalers on several social media channels, which often use elaborate and beautiful layouts, which at times can seem intimidating. For the original and more minimalistic version of bullet journaling, check out the creator of this journaling methods book “The Bullet Journal Method” by Ryder Carrol


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Dream Journal

Best kept on your nightstand, dream journaling can give you a fun insight into your nightly imagery, and allows you to see patterns and even interpret certain dreams to give you insight into your own subconscious. It is not a type of journal I keep regularly, as I go through spouts of time, where I can not remember any of my dreams, but they can be quite fun and interesting to write.

Nature Journal

Natural observations, bird watching, and gardening journals are all types of nature journals that can be kept and are interesting even if you live in an urban environment. Some people add drawings and paintings of what they have observed, others keep photographs and newspaper clippings of weather occurrences and similar in their nature journals.

I hope this inspired you to try out a few forms of journaling that you may not have thought about before. Check out this video below for an example of a walkthrough of a “Junk Journal” for more inspiration.



  1. Such an inspiring article you have written. My husband and I live a very positive life and our home is full of buddhas and positive quotes. We love being surrounded by positivity and there’s nothing better than seeing positive quotes around the home to keep you lifted. Journals are hugely important and something lovely to look back on in the future. A lovely read, thank you so much 

  2. Thank you for sharing your article about the 10 inspirational quotes about writing and journaling. I totally agree with you about the fact that words have the power to ruin us completely OR heal us enterally. Reading inspirational writings is something I am also addicted to it and can’t stop reading it. My early morning routine starts with that.

    How much care and attention it needs as to one achieves the goal of inspiring someone who reads the write ups. It is not something easy and I know that we have to be a very good reader in order to be able to write better.

    All the best!

    1. Author

      sounds like you have a very good morning routine going for yourself there – good for you! Many blessings to you! 

  3. Great piece of article you have here. And I must say am inspired by these inspiration quotes. Two that caught my attention are by Douglas Rumford and the other by Louise Desalvo. Now that’s some hard core piece of poetry you have there,thumb’s up 👍. Writing has to be something that cones from within and not from without, it can also be something you have experienced or one that you ought to experience someday and thanks for sharing.

  4. I find that I relate to the quote which indicated that we can come to terms with many things in a journal rather than confronting others in an unhelpful way in life.  I have journaled life events for many decades.  It is a wonderful record, but often poignant or sad when I look back. A journal helps us consider the flow of like.  Writing life events for others to read can give special meaning to personal things.  Thanks for the inspirational quotes.

    1. Author

      you are very welcome – thanks for stopping by! 

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