23 Taylor Swift Quotes To Inspire You To Take A Chance

23 Taylor Swift Quotes To Inspire You To Take A Chance

Whether you like her music or not, Taylor Swift has made an impact in the music industry, and upon her followers for years now, and it does not seem like she is slowing down anytime soon. With a strong business mind, she has emerged as a force to be reckoned with, and that alone is inspiring to watch. But besides being a musical powerhouse, the young Taylor Swift has left us with some quote-worthy statements and lyrics, some of which I am going to share with you today:


23 Taylor Swift Quotes


“Sometimes the person you'd take a bullet for is the person behind the trigger.” - Taylor Swift


  • “Sometimes the person you’d take a bullet for is the person behind the trigger.”
  • “I don’t know if you know who you are until you lose who you are.”
  • “Standing there at the stage door to the rest of your life. Time to dip your toe into the deep end. Try things. Say hi already. Laugh a lot. Mess up. Apologize. Mess up again. Hug people. Take chances. Trust yourself. Lose things. Get over it. Hold your friends close. Gather your strength. Gain wisdom and beautiful stories. Be brave, and you’ll have the time of your life.”
  • “There’s a general rule that I always go by, and it’s that you fall for who you fall for. Whatever small issue you get hung up on, whether it’s because they’re shorter than you, younger than you or they live far away – if you really are crazy about someone, none of that matters.”
  • “I think allowing yourself to cry on the bathroom floor is FEARLESS.”
  • “I wrote a song called ‘Red’ and thinking about what that song means to me and all the different emotions on this album they’re all pretty much about the tumultuous, crazy, insane, intense, semi-toxic relationships I’ve experienced in the last two years. All those emotions fanning from intense love, intense frustration, intense jealousy, confusion, all of that in my mind, all those emotions are red. There’s nothing in between, there’s nothing beige about those feelings and so I called my record that.”
  • “I think that the idea of finding another person to share your life with is the most fascinating, beautiful quest you could ever be on in life. And yes, living your dreams is so important too, and a lot of times I’ve put that before everything else. But then you get to a place where the whole time you’re living these dreams, you look beside you to say to someone, “Hey, isn’t this so much fun?” And if there’s no one there to say it to, what’s the point?”

  • “Daily Reminders
    1) Never compare myself to other people. It is comparing me behind the scenes to their highlight reel.
    2) Stay here, now. I will not think to far forward or back.
    3) It’s okay to not be fine.
    4) Taylor needs me so I’m going to take care of myself.”
  • “You have people come into your life shockingly and surprisingly. You have losses that you never thought you’d experience. You have rejection and you have learned how to deal with that and how to get up the next day and go on with it.”
  • “If you think about human nature, our favorite pair of shoes are the ones we bought yesterday, our favorite thing is the newest thing that we have…and the thing we’ve seen the most and for the longest period of time is our reflection in the mirror, so obviously that’s going to be our least favorite thing.”


You are the only one who gets to decide what you will be remembered for.” - Taylor Swift


  • “We’re in Des Moines, Iowa today, were in Omaha, Nebraska yesterday and Boise, Idaho the day before. When we landed at the airport in Boise, from Portland, Oregon this lady from our plane came up from behind as we walked down the terminal. She approached me and said, “Taylor, I just love your song and want to wish you great things in your career.” I looked and her and said “Well, THANK YOU!” and then said, ” who did you talk to?”. (and then pointed to my Mom and the Label rep we were traveling with) I was convinced that one of them had talked to the lady on the plane and told her about me and my song. The lady said “neither one” and then I said “Well, how did you know who I was?” and the lady said, “because I listen to the radio and I watched your video”. This was the first time someone had actually KNOWN who I was and MY NAME. wow. I just walked over and hugged her, and said ….”You’re the first person who’s ever done that, thank you.” It was an amazing moment to remember, and I always will.”
  • “Hang on. It gets easier, and then it gets okay, and then it feels like freedom.”
  • “You are the only one who gets to decide what you will be remembered for.”
  • “Nothing safe is worth the drive.”

  • “We mistake our mistakes as being damaged.”
  • “Our birthday is celebrated every year to commemorate the very first instant we came into the world, and a funeral is held to mark the day we leave it. But lately, I’ve been wondering… what can be said of all the moments in between our birth and our death? The moments when we are reborn…”
  • “When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. In fairy tales, you meet Prince Charming and he’s everything you ever wanted. In fairy tales, the bad guy is very easy to spot. The bad guy is always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is. Then you grow up and you realize that Prince Charming is not as easy to find as you thought. You realize the bad guy is not wearing a black cape and he’s not easy to spot; he’s really funny, and he makes you laugh, and he has perfect hair.”
  • “If you’re horrible to me, I’m going to write a song about it, and you won’t like it. That’s how I operate.”
  • “I’ve wanted one thing for my whole life and I’m not going to be that girl who wants one thing her whole life then gets it and complains.”


“I don't think you should wait. I think you should speak now.” - Taylor Swift


  • “I’ve always been a hugger. If we all hugged more, the world would be a better place :)”
  • “At some point, you have to forget about grudges because they only hurt.”
  • “Just being a human being, I’ve realized that before every big problem you create for yourself, before every huge mess you have to clean up, there was a crucial moment where you could’ve just said no.”
  • “I don’t think you should wait. I think you should speak now.”


Taylor Swift’s Top Ten Rules For Success:



Video Summary:

1. Turn your STRUGGLES into TRIUMPHS

2. Evolve. She became the youngest songwriter ever signed by the Sony/ATV Music publishing house.

3. Lead by example. The release of Swift’s eponymous debut album in 2006 marked the start of her career as a country music singer.

4. Get feedback. Her single, “Our Song”, made her the youngest person to single-handedly write and perform a number-one song on the Hot Country Songs chart.

5. Love what you do. Her second album, Fearless, became the best-selling album of 2009 in the United States.

6. Continue to surprise people. Fearless won four Grammy Awards, with Swift becoming the youngest Album of the Year winner.

7. Live life on your own terms. Her album,1989, earned a Guinness World Record after it became her third consecutive album to sell a million copies in its first week in the US.

8. Stay open to inspiration. 1989 won three Grammy Awards, with Swift becoming the first woman to win Album of the Year award twice.

9. Adapt. She’s known for narrative songs about her personal experiences.

10. You’re special. She has been honored by the Nashville Songwriters Association and the Songwriters Hall of Fame.


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  1. Definitely these are very inspiring quotes. Out of your list, the following are my favorite ones and the reason why:

    > “I don’t know if you know who you are until you lose who you are.”: Because it’s when you lose anything when you realize what you’re capable of (really). You need to see yourself within extreme circumstances to identify and even come to admire the person in the mirror.

    > “There’s a general rule that I always go by, and it’s that you fall for who you fall for. …”: Just because it’s so true that I remembered that someone while reading it.

    > “Nothing safe is worth the drive.”: If you’re not willing to leave some skin on the floor for something, most likely you’ll regret getting into it. You get what you pay for!

    Thanks for sharing these phrases with us! Which ones would be your favorite 3?

    1. Author

      Choosing a favorite quote for me is almost like choosing a favorite child – they are all precious to me, but the last one you mentioned is incredibly powerful, especially for someone who is just starting out, and needs all of the push they can get! 

      Thanks for stopping by

  2. Hi! Taylor Swift has a bunch of cool quotes. But there is one in particular that has inspired me tonight. As you, I have also initiated my journey blogging. I have come to your blog quite a few times to seek for inspiration, and I always find it, and tonight has not been different. But the thing that particularly has inspired me tonight (and I apply it to how difficult writing was for me when I started), is a quote that encourages endurance, and it’s this “Hang on. It gets easier, and then it gets okay, and then it feels like freedom.”

    1. Author

      starting is always difficult, so I also very much appreciated those particular words. I am glad that you found them comforting. 

      I wish you all of the best with your blog 


  3. I grew up in that generation when Taylor Swift was making her breakthrough If I remember it was back in the late 2000s where she released a few bangers that took her career off.

    Personally I don’t get why she has had so much hate over the years, she has been massive for music like you said and it one of the reasons why music is where it is today. You may have heard some of her new songs recently but they show you how much of an artist she is and how she can adapt to the times.

    “You are the only one who gets to decide what you will be remembered for.” is my favourite of all the quotes you have listed. It just resonates with me on so many levels.

    Thanks for sharing this article 🙂

    1. Author

      my pleasure, Joshua. I don’t get it either. I am not a fan by far, I just find anyone who succeeds at what they want to do, as long as they work honestly, as inspiring. And she surely has worked hard to achieve exactly what she wanted to achieve.  

      That quote is my favorite as well

      Glad that you enjoyed this article


  4. I have been a Taylor Swift fan for the last 11 years and I absolutely love everything that comes out of that woman’s brain. Her songwriting is magical and full of feelings that actually translates so well into your own life. Most of her songs are full of inspirational quotes, like for instance, in Clean she states “just because you’re clean doesn’t mean you don’t miss it” that applies to absolutely anything in life. From everything she’s written there’s one poem (I can’t remember it’s name right now) but there’s a part that made such a huge impact on me, and that is “If you’re anything like me, I’m sorry. But Darling, it’s going to be okay.” that is a phrase that I live by each day. Taylor really is one of the most influential women for all of us. 

    1. Author

      she is absolutely powerful, and I do appreciate her messages, especially because they need to be heard by young people who are often struggling with so much, every single day. Sometimes as parents we have to worry about what type of people our children look up to, but if one of my kids would have chosen Taylor, I know I would not have to worry about her message. 

      Blessings and thank you for stopping by! 

  5. Great quotes, thank you. 

    What she said about taking bullets and getting hurt is so true. Unfortunately, one doesn’t get to know who people truly are sometimes. I once had friends whom I would go out to eat every week with and it turned out they were backstabbing me the whole time. So they had the trigger the entire time and I had no clue. 

    1. Author

      wow, that is messed up. I am glad that you found out at the end, though – even if it did hurt, at least you learned the truth. Blessings! 

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