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Don’t ever underestimate the power of language!

Hi, my name is Claudia Blanton, and I am a quote-enthusiast, and your guide to the amazing power that positive quotes can bring to our everyday life!


I am honored that you have chosen to visit this space, and I will do my best to share with you the inspirational, the motivational, the thought-provoking and the chuckle-inducing quotes I have collected over the last 20 years.


As an avid reader, I enjoyed the pleasures of sharing my time with great thinkers, as many of you have as well. Allow me to occasionally point out a few books, that may be of your interest, always keeping the positive in mind.


Whether you are familiar with some of the positive quotes, that I will share with you in this space, or find new treasures, I invite you to join me regularly, as I will update this blog daily.


Discussions about these quotes are welcome – actually encouraged, and very much cherished! Please leave your insights and thoughts in the comment section or contact me directly via claudiablanton@live.com. If you want to further these positive discussions, you can join me on my facebook page.


Thank you for your trust and your time.


Many blessings to you!



P.S. As an Ordained Universalist Non-Denominational Minister, I accept prayer requests. You can leave them in the comment section of the individual posts, or email me at prayerrequests@dailypositivemotivationalquotes.com