Are Tarot Readings And Law of Attraction Compatible?

Are Tarot Readings And Law of Attraction Compatible?

Are you curious about Tarot? If so, you are not the only one. As the most popular form of divination, Tarot has been around a long time and practiced by many people from a multitude of backgrounds and phylosophies. But, is Law of Attraction compatible with divination, specifically Tarot? This is the subject I am exploring in today’s episode of the Manifest a Positively Abundant Life Podcast

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Transcript of Podcast Episode 10 – Are Tarot Readings And Law of Attraction Compatible?

Law of Attraction teaches us that we are in control of what we want to experience in our lives. Tarot on the other hand is supposed to tell us a future that is in front of us, therefore implying that there is a future out there for us to discover, rather than to create. Of course, there are other applications for tarot, but today, I will focus on when Law of Attraction is or is not compatible with this form of “fortune-telling”.

Tarot As A Form Of Telling The Future


“The true Tarot is symbolism; it speaks no other language and offers no other signs.” ― Arthur Edward Waite

“The true Tarot is symbolism; it speaks no other language and offers no other signs.”
― Arthur Edward Waite

In a traditional sense, Tarot is used to see into the future. However, if we believe that we are in control of shaping our own destiny by calibrating our vibrations, and emotions toward what we want out of life, our future is fluid and therefore up to constant change – depending on how much deliberate co-creating we are doing, or not doing at any given moment. Therefore our future has unlimited possibilities, and can not be predicted. Tarot, however, claims to tell you what will happen.


What You See in the Cards is ONE Possible Future

Tarot does effectively show you what happens if nothing changes from the point that you are asking the question. So, basically, if you do not make any decisions that are different from what you were planning, and that includes your thinking and vibrational output at the moment of the reading. However, due to many influences – chosen or not, it is rare that we are actually staying that consistent with our vibration and thought patterns. Include the infinite possibilities of choices of other people who also have complete control over their own experience, and you can see how it would be impossible to predict a specific outcome no matter what the question is.


The Downside to Reading Tarot Cards

However, if you do receive a reading, and you begin to believe in what the cards have told you, you are then tuning into the thought pattern and predictions that you were given. Essentially you are giving over your will to create your future over to the results that are laid out in front of you, by believing in them. This can be detrimental, especially when the result of the Tarot reading contained any negative aspect. You are now possibly believing in the prediction, and therefore carry a negative emotion with the situation at hand.


Negative Self-Prophecy

When reading Tarot, or using any other form of divination, it is easy to fall into the trap of creating a negative self-prophecy by focusing on what was told to you. That does apply whether you received a positive, negative or neutral reading because by handing over your choice by believing in the result of the reading, you are taking away from your own power. Law of Attraction is a philosophy that not only teaches you to take responsibility for your life but also gives you insight into the power that you have in shaping it. Giving it back to someone else – essentially the person who is reading the cards for you should be a choice not to be taken lightly.


So Are Tarot Cards Essentially Bad?

No. They are simply cards, and people reading cards for you are not people who are trying to get you to do something (for the most part, as I am assuming that if you are even considering a reading, that you are vetting your reader for credibility, intend, and responsibility).


Tarot can be effective in understanding your subconscious beliefs

If you are going into a reading with the intention of uncovering any “hidden”, more subconscious belief that you may hold, Tarot can be insightful. Many of us conduct or practice unhealthy behaviors that we do not seem to be able to get rid of, and these are often based upon beliefs that we have acquired during our lifetime, about ourselves, and about the world around us. Asking specific, clarifying questions – similar to when you are working with journaling – can assist you in realizing those beliefs and with that gives you the power to change them. For example, you may repeat the same thought pattern around men and therefore keep on attracting the same type of person, even though you say you want something different. A reading might show you the fear that you have held onto from an experience in your past, that you are now reliving via that unconscious belief. Being aware of that, allows you to heal that aspect of yourself, and then move forward into a more healthy reaction via a more healthy thought pattern.


“If you want to understand your emotions, the rationale behind your words so that you can treat the source of your struggles; Tarot is the solution.” ― Anujj Elviis

“If you want to understand your emotions, the rationale behind your words so that you can treat the source of your struggles; Tarot is the solution.”
― Anujj Elviis

Tarot as a focus tool

Because people tend to associate symbolize with emotions, and experiences, Tarot cards can be used to focus your mind on a particular reaction. For example, the Empress can be a powerful card, because we associate the symbols and stature of the woman pictured as a symbol of power. Just like any other image, this can be a positive emotional trigger and allows you to tune into that feeling of power. you can keep that card next to you when doing something where you want to channel that particular emotional response.


However, it is important that if you are using the cards in that way, that you are aware of what you are associating that particular card with. I highly recommend that you spend some time with each card to get a feel for what it means to you. For example, if you have an underlying negative experience with a male figure, I recommend that you are staying away from cards that predict male imagery. This pertains not just to individual cards, but to particular decks, which are often more elaborate, and that resonate differently depending on the art used.


How you approach a Tarot reading is essentially the indicator of whether or not you should be including Tarot cards or any other divination tool into your life, as well as how you feel about the cards, and the process of having cards read to you. Your future depends on how you direct your energy, thought patterns, and focus, and not on what you are being told by a card reading.

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  1. Interesting information! I never really considered if they were compatible or not.

  2. I think tarot card readings are guides and must not totally dictate your decisions. At the end of the day, you have a free will, you should use it. That’s my take on it.

  3. Very interesting read. I am Chinese. So seeing “masters” to have our future foretold is a very common thing to do. I have always felt, as you have also stated, that you become dictated by these so called fortunes and you project your thoughts and behaviours towards what you have been told. I think best to take what may come, unknown.

  4. I choose not to dabble with tarot cards because of their spiritual origins. I have a lot of friends that use them, but I choose not to. I prefer to place faith in other places.

  5. Appreciate the positive energy, motivation and inspiration, I do believe the power of tarots but also a little bit intimidated by them because of it – knycx journeying

  6. This was really interesting. I had not ever thought about this before. Thank you for explaining it so thoroughly

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