Inspirational Quote Of The Day: Boundaries

Inspirational Quote Of The Day:     “I will never sacrifice my emotional health to help someone else achieve theirs” – Jeffrey Marsh   How often do we put the needs of others above our own, only to be left feeling drained, emotionally and physically? Jeffrey Marsh, Author of HowContinue Reading

40 Powerful Change Your Life Quotes

You can change your life, no matter what you are currently going through, and or how much you are worried about what is going on in the world-changing your life is possible. Because changing your life starts with a mindset shift. Inner work such as reading and repeating mantras, affirmations,Continue Reading

44 Letting Go Quotes To Empower You

Is there something that you are hanging on to that you know you should let go of? Maybe a person in your life, who has been with you for a long time, but has become toxic to your growth, or a habit or way of thinking that you know doesContinue Reading