Book Review: Life Lessons – 125 Prayers and Meditations by Julia Cameron

Book Review: Life Lessons - 125 Prayers and Meditations by Julia Cameron

Book Details:

Title: Life Lessons – 125 Prayers and Meditations 

Author: Julia Cameron

Publisher: TarcherPerigee

Genre: devotional, prayer books

Publication Date: August 15, 2017


My Thoughts on the Book

Life Lessons is a short book that gets right to the point – small, devotional style prayers that talk to the reader directly as if God (or the deity of your choice) was talking to you. Sometimes this book uses “we” as we are addressed, sometimes the singular form, which Julia mentions she has envisioned as God and his helpers talking to you. As a polytheist, this suited my needs fine, but it is something to keep in mind if you are a monotheist reader. 

Life Lessons has a child-like feel, it is written in a style that made me feel that whoever was talking on the page was talking me as if I was their child. If you find that comforting – considering that many religious traditions look as God as a Father-Figure – then you may enjoy this quite tremendously. 



Unlike many devotional type books, it does not present scripture or quotes, nor does it end or begin with a journal prompt or other direct calls to action. Each entry is to be contemplated upon in a way that suits you, which makes this book approachable in many ways, but might seem like it is lacking for some.

The 125 prayers and meditations are all structured simply, and beautifully with a gentle nudge, and comforting thought, the entries profound yet simple at the same time. If you really take the time to consider each short entry, they have the potential to change your life. But again, as with any book, it is less about the content but what you take out of it, that will ultimately have the impact and possibility of change in your life.


Here are examples of two entries of the book 


Little one, you feel alone and abandoned. This is false thinking. You are never alone, never abandoned. We are always at your side, guarding and protecting you. Ask us for help and know that help comes to you. As you slow your pace, you feel our presence. Trust us completely.

Little one, be alert to tiny things. Do not demand loud noises or showy events. The moon rises softly, blessing the evening air. Stars appear, twinkling on the horizon. As twilight slips into night, a hush comes to the world. Light a candle, burn a stick of incense celebrating the passing of the day. Ask for guidance and feel its gentle hand. You are well and carefully led.


I think, Life Lessons makes a nice gift for those occasions when you want to lift someone up, or a nice gift for yourself when you know that you need your own pick me up. 



Life Lessons can be a positive addition to your daily reading, especially during stressful times. 


Book Rating

4 out of 5 Stars


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  1. Hello there. This review of Life Lessons: 125 Prayers and Meditations by Julia Cameron really presents the book in an interesting light as a devotional. I’ve always had the problem of not being able to follow devotionals an example being Joel Osteen’s but I’m intrigued by the approach Julia Cameron takes in these book and will definitely be adding it to my must read list. 

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