Book Review: When Action Follows Heart: 365 Ways To Share Kindness

Book Review: When Action Follows Heart: 365 Ways To Share Kindness


Book Review: When Action Follows Heart: 365 Ways to Share KindnessBook Details:

Title: When Action Follows Heart
Author: Susan Spencer
Publisher: Hay House
Publishing Date: April 17, 2018
Genre: Motivational Self-Help

My Review:

Do you need some inspiration and feel better about humanity, despite what you may see in the news? Then read When Action Follows Heart and get some ideas on how to reach out to people in your life and your community, and be the positive influence that inspires others to do the same.

I honestly was not sure why I was thinking that I would get more from this book, other than more anecdotes or superficial advice that we already heard many times before, but it still left me with a smile and some inspiration.

However, there is not much more to it than I expected. The ideas are short and sweet, some days include anecdotal entries, but the days that left me the most disappointed only contained a quote. Yes, I love quotes – duh, – but if you are touting to give me an idea for every day, a quote alone will not cut it. I was hoping that there would be more, consistently

However, if the mission was to inspire, to push someone to take action and to think a little bit outside of the box when it comes to the kindness department, then When Action Follows Heart completed its mission

Here are some examples of entries that made me smile:

  • Leave a basked of tennis balls at a dog-friendly beach or park with a sign that says, “for your pup to enjoy”
  • Compliment three different friends on social media, telling them what great people they are
  • Leave a sticky note with an empowering message (You’re beautiful!) on the mirror in a public restroom

As you can see, these gestures may be small but are impactful, and this book is full of them. Which is why I am giving it 4 stars despite the few sprinkled in quotes!

5 Suggestions on How to Use this Book:

  1. Give it as an uplifting gift to your adult children
  2. Read it together with your family, and pick out projects to work on
  3. Read one entrance a day – each of them are dated, and get a positive daily reminder to practice loving kindness
  4. Use the list as an inspiration to create your own list of kindness projects you want to work on over the next few months
  5. Place a copy of this book where a lot of people frequent – such as in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, or another waiting room to inspire others to take loving action of kindness

Overall the When Action Follows Heart is a warm, welcoming, and sweet book that makes a great gift.


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3.5 out of 5 Stars


“Kindness is exactly what we need in our fractured world right now—it provides the simplest path to healing.”

A single act of kindness, whether to a friend or a stranger, can become a spool of generosity that unwinds and touches the lives of so many. . .

From Woman’s Day Editor-in-Chief Susan Spencer comes a heartwarming book featuring 365 kindness-focused actions. With beautifully whimsical illustrations by artist Jutta Kuss, this book shows how small acts can make a big difference.

When Action Follows Heart was inspired by the Kindness Project, a monthly column in the magazine that highlights good deeds and everyday kindnesses from Woman’s Day readers from all over. The idea behind it is simple: to showcase readers’ kind acts toward others.

Whether it’s bringing a box of doughnuts to a fire station, yielding a parking space to the other person vying for it, collecting blankets for the homeless, or even sharing a smile —these acts are sure to make your world a little brighter.

Full of practical advice; uplifting stories; and inspirational quotations, this book is a must-have for anyone looking to bring positivity and joy into their lives —and the lives of others.

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  1. Hi Claudia,

    Thanks for writing your review of, “When Action follows Heart”.  It does sound like a very good gift idea, especially for people that seem to have everything.

    We often take the people that matter most to us for granted, and I really like the suggestion of complimenting at least 3 friends on social media to create a cycle of good karma.

    Thanks once again!


    1. Author

      my pleasure, Michael, thanks for stopping by! I hope you stop by my blog again, as I will be posting a few more book reviews over the next few days and weeks – all related to positive living practices – blessings! 

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