I love to read, so much so, that I am still running a book review blog as a side hobby- on occasion when I find something that does not fit into the context of this blog, I am sharing publications there.

The books that I am sharing with you here however, are positive living and mindfulness related and, are not always new releases and not necessary by well-known Authors. They are gems I have run across while diving into the library, surfing through Amazon, or the many book-shops I have visited over the years.

The book’s features here come from many different spiritual backgrounds. I am neither a Buddhist nor a Christian, however, I do believe that there are wise lessons in books from many different traditions.

If you are interested in books that are related to my own faith (Paganism), you can visit a dedicated page to that topic on my book review website.

Books are treasures that I hang on to and cherish, one of the reasons you will find me featuring here volumes that are beginner level, as well as more advanced level books.


Disclaimer: (some book titles I listed here, contain direct links to book reviews, and others contain affiliate links to Amazon. Those who are containing direct links, I have not written a review here for them yet, but will do so in the future, so if you want to wait to purchase the book until I post a detailed review, visit back often!)


Daily Reading And Devotionals

Until Today! by Iyanla Vanzant   4 out of 5 Stars

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday  4 out of 5 Stars

Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Meal By Meal by Donald Altman  4.5 out of 5 Stars



Mindfulness on the Go by Jan Chozen Bays 5 out of 5 Stars

Just One Thing by Rick Hanson 5 out of 5 Stars

Eating the Moment by Pavel Somov 4 out of 5 Stars

One Minute Mindfulness by Donald Altman 4.5 out of 5 Stars


50 Mindful Steps to Self-Esteem by Janetti Marotta 4 out of 5 Stars

Five Good Minutes In the Evening by Jeffrey Brantley 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Mindful Eating by Jan Chozen Bays 5 out of 5 Stars

Peace Is Every Breath by Thich Nhat Hanh 4.5 out of 5 Stars



How To Eat by Thich Nhat Hanh 4 out of 5 Stars

Coming To Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn 4 out of 5 Stars

Urban Mindfulness by Jonathan S. Kaplan 4.5 out of 5 Stars


Silence by Thich Nhat Hanh 4 out of 5 Stars

Mindfulness For Success by Tara Ward 4 out of 5 Stars

Mindful Dreaming by Clare R. Johnson 4 out of 5 Stars



Positive Living/Self Help

Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza

The Miracle Equation by Hal Elrod

Talk To Yourself Like A Buddhist by Cynthia Kane 

Live Happy: 10 Practices For Choosing Joy


Resilient by Rick Hanson

The Answer by John Assaraf

The Vow Powered Life by Jan Chozen Bays, MD

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron


You Are A Bad@ss by Jen Sincero

The Lost Art of Compassion by Lorne Ladner

The Warrior Heart Practice by HeatherAsh Amara

The Power of Being Thankful by Joyce Meyers


Zen 24/7 by Phillip Toshio Sudo

The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale 


Manifestation + Law of Attraction

Dear Universe by Sarah Prout

Your Word Is Your Wand by Florence Scovel Shinn 

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne



Atomic Habits by James Clear

High-Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The One Thing by Gary Keller

Daily Routine Mastery by Dominic Mann

Self-Discipline For Writers by Martin Meadows


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