Focusing On The Action Within Law of Attraction

Focusing On The Action Within Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Requires Action

When someone approaches the practice of Law of Attraction, they may see a superficial way of avoidance, and non-action, while “simply” being asked to focus on the positive. Serious practitioners of Law of Attraction however know that action is a huge part of the manifestation process.


“Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome. The law creates the world.” ― Brenna Yovanoff


4 Actions A Law of Attraction Practioner should take daily


I personally prefer a formula that I follow every day as it pertains to meditation, but any type of meditation is sufficient. The length of time depends on how much time I have but it always contains at least 1 minute of each of the following:

  • Meditative Silence = sitting in silence (or relative silence or sitting with the sounds that surround us) without focusing on any small sound that comes up in particular, and just allowing them to appear, and disappear. You could also call this Mindful Listening.
  • Body Relaxation Meditation = next I pay attention to every part of my body, and lovingly relax it, piece by piece. There are days, where this practice takes a lot of time, because it is harder to relax, and there are times where that happens rather quickly.
  • Happiness Mediation = Now I take the time to focus on things that make me happy. This can be something that made me happy the day before, or how much I love my dogs or something bigger like having finished a draft of the book I am working on.
  • Compassion Mediation = I end my meditation by choosing to focus on people – those I know personally, and those that I simply want to bless. I do this by picturing a feeling of them – not necessary an image of the person, but that works easier for me with people that I am personally close to – something that represents them, and I gently in my mind, say something like May You Be blessed, May You Be Free From Suffering.



Plan time for joy and happiness.

Putting yourself on the calendar first makes sure that you are actually taking the time to do something that you love. You may only have a half an hour that you can dedicate to yourself daily, or even less, however, make sure that it goes on your schedule, and gets protected as you would with any other appointment or necessary task.

Take mindful actions.

Instead of going about your day, either not doing anything or allowing the actions to carry your thoughts wherever they may, do your activities mindfully. Be present with whatever tasks that are necessary to be done. Taking action in that way gives you the opportunity to control any potential negative mind-chatter, and therefore turns something as simple as loading the dishwasher into a Law of Attraction practice

Keep track of any progress, and celebrate it.

If you have made any progress toward your goals throughout the day – such as writing 500 words on the book you have been wanting to write – make sure that you note it, and give yourself the permission to feel accomplished. You are teaching your brain to associate the activities that are needed to achieve goals as a potential pleasure source, which in turn primes you to enjoy the process even more, and turns those actions into habits without having to force anything.


“Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.” ― Bryant McGill



Whether you are using the scripting technique of pre-writing a successful day, or are using it to re-write any negative occurrences, use scripting on a daily basis as a mental focus tool on a daily basis. If possible write this by hand, however, if you are like me and can not write longhand due to a disability, you can also use a computer, or create voice recordings.

As you can see, Law of Attraction is not a practice that can be simply done via wishful thinking. However, the important part of your daily practice is that it is deliberate, joyful, and focused, as well as consistent, even if you can only dedicate a few minutes to the practice.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing a good article to read that will help me to know more how the Law of Attraction works and how I can improve my life.

    One friend introduced me to the Gratitude Journal a couple of years ago and since then, I use to write every time something good happens in my life, no matter if is something small like finding a 10 cents coin on the street or if I get a raise at my work.

    This way I have a few pages of good things that happened in my life to see how good life can be, I also think when you learn about how the Law of Attraction works and when you learn to focus on good things and stop complaining, more good will happen in your life. Be sure I’ll get back to your website to read more!

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