Free Law of Attraction Guided Meditation – Audio and Script

Free Law of Attraction Guided Meditation

The manifestation process does not have to be difficult or complicated or require a lot of time throughout the day. Today, I am sharing with you a quick and free Law of Attraction Guided meditation, that I have created for you, which you can utilize easily and without a lot of effort. Below you will find the transcript of this episode of the Manifest A Positively Abundant Life Podcast. You can listen to the episode right here on the blog, or via the links below. Enjoy!


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Transcript of the Free Law of Attraction Guided Meditation Podcast Episode

If you are struggling to get started with the manifestation process, then I have a short and easy-to-follow along with guided meditation for you to help you with the process. For a transcript of this meditation visit my blog – the link will be in the show notes, but first a message from today’s sponsor Anchor.

“Visualization: daydreaming with a purpose.” ― Pen

“Visualization: daydreaming with a purpose.”
― Pen


The following manifestation meditation is a short practice that you can do anytime when you are trying to manifest something that is either physical or emotional in your life, specifically regarding anything related to short-term goals, or a more immediate manifestation. this manifestation meditation is not meant for working on a big or long-term goal

Law of Attraction Guided Meditation

Choose something that you would like to create in your physical reality, this can be something that is a physical object or something that you feel, like a state of mind or an emotional state.

Once you have decided on the emotional or physical state that you are trying to create find a comfortable place where you will not be interrupted for a few minutes.

When you’re ready, close your eyes and visualize that which you’re trying to manifest as clearly as possible. bring it to your mind’s eye with as much detail as you can come up with meaning to include as many sensory aspects as you can think of. Focus on texture, sound, emotion, or any other physical sensation that you would associate with your object of manifestation. hold that image or feeling in your mind for a few breaths, breathing in and out, softly and gently in a natural rhythm that is the most comfortable to you.

Now pull that emotional state or physical objects closer to yourself in your mind’s eye and allow it to connect with your inner radiant hard light that is in the center of your chest, connecting it with your heart chakra, allowing your heart to fill it with love and gratitude and embracing it fully and openly. Continue to breathe gently and softly in a natural, comfortable rhythm.

Hold it there as long as you feel comfortable and as long as you can include and keep that feeling of receiving active in your mind’s eye. keep your breathing gentle and relaxed warm and without force.

Allow yourself to be filled with gratitude and love for your manifestation, feeling the power of the emotional connection to it. If you feel comfortable, repeat thank you, thank you, thank you, like a mantra, while allowing your face to form a smile. Feel that appreciation reach out from your heart center, throughout your body, moving through you with loving light, until it reaches all the way to your fingertips, your toes, and the top of your head.

Stay connected to this feeling as long as you feel comfortable, while breathing gently, lovingly, and in a natural rhythm.

When you feel satisfied, you can slowly open your eyes, while moving your fingers and toes, while staying in a comfortable position, until you are ready to re-enter your day

“There is nothing my mind can conceive, my heart can believe, my eyes can see and my soul can visualize that I cannot do. Even if the whole world says I can’t, it’s just a matter of time and I will get it done.”
― Dr. Bien Sufficient



I highly recommend that you practice this meditation twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening before going to sleep until you manifested your object of attention.

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Have a blessed day.

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  1. Just tried this and WOW I’m impressed with how well it works for anxiety relief and just a general reset. I am saving this to my phone to incorporate into my daily schedule. Thank you!

  2. I need to give this a try. I’m always scrambling and clawing, and it really doesn’t feel good.

  3. This is such a helpful post. Meditation and the law of attraction really do play a huge role in your life if you let it.

  4. I agree being mindful is key and meditation helps a lot. I veen trying to get to theta and delta state and it is a LOT of work!

  5. I do believe in some sort of ‘law of attraction’ which is through declaring my Creator’s promises for me and believing them. Helpful post!

  6. I love to read and hear different folks advice and thoughts on manifestation. I am a firm believer. Creating clarity and details helps us to achieve.

  7. Oooou I absolutely love this meditation! I will definitely be using this visualization, thank you!

  8. I have to give this a try. So much anxiety recently especially with work. Thank you for this!

  9. I would like to try this out. I like to be able to create the reality that I want in my life and let the law of attraction work. Glad that you have a podcast, too!

  10. Really agreed about mindful is a key. Practicing mindfulness helps to create a more present and more peaceful way of life.

  11. Thank you for this guided mediation. Love the Law of Attraction and believe it’s true and real.

    In fact , the more I believe in it, the more I’m able to manifest.

  12. This meditation guide is very helpful for many. I’ll try to listen to many affirmation and get clarity on things.

  13. such a lovely meditation experience. Thank You very much!

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