Guided Mediation: Send A Compassionate, Peaceful Blessing

Guided Meditation: How to Send Compassionate and Peaceful Blessing

Sending loving compassionate energy toward those who in our care and to all of those who have touched our lives are amazingly effective, and a powerful way to truly appreciate others. There are many ways to accomplish this, but today, I want to share with you a meditation and some additional tips on how I practice compassion in my daily life.

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Transcript of Podcast Episode 7 – How To Send Compassionate And Peaceful Blessings


Episode 7 - How To Send Compassionate And Peaceful Blessings

If we are lucky enough to have people in our lives that we love and cherish, we can extend our love toward them by blessing them. Sending compassionate light is a loving, and gentle way to do this, in an open, non-judgmental way, that does not impose our will or wishes upon another, as prayers and even energy healing sometimes do.

Let me explain to you how you can easily integrate this loving practice into your daily life.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ― John Holmes

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”
― John Holmes

The difference between energy healing and sending a blessing

In many religious and spiritual traditions, energy healing is an accepted and integrated part of the practice. Whether it is described in the bible or practiced as Reiki, energy healing is powerful but should be done with care. Energy blessings however are a more open form of working with the loving energy that fills the Universe without having to ask for permission, or without integrating a spiritual intent. It is open, loving, and comes from an unconditional place of simply loving another.


Important thoughts on directing a blessing

It is essential that when you are practicing the compassion meditation that will follow – or when sending any blessing to another person, that you are doing so unconditionally. Sending a specific thought or intend toward another is similar to trying to change something in a person, even if it meant from a space of caring and love. An unconditional blessing, however, allows the energy to work in the person receiving in the way it is best for them. And let’s face it, if we are really honest with ourselves, we do not ever really know what is the best for another, no matter how much we tell us that we do. Allowing the universal light to flow where it is needed most, on the other hand, is a truly loving, open gift where we are the conduit for directing the Universe’s attention, but nothing more.



In the following meditation, Freely substitute the word Source with the most comfortable way in which you approach the Universal Energies, by using the word God, or the name of a deity that you work with, or even an Angel, Guides, or your Ancestors.


Compassionate Light Meditation

Take normal, natural breaths, in a rhythm that is comfortable for you and your body. Spend a few minutes being aware of only your breath, and its perfect sequence that energizes you relaxes you, nourishes you. When you feel calm and at peace, begin to sense a glowing light surrounding your heart. That light is the presence of the Source within you, the love that is always with you, whether you are aware of it or not. This love, that is always available for you is strong, warm, and full of light. It is pure grace, one that you are worthy of simply through existing, as you are a part of your creator-source, as your creator-source is a part of you.

Sense that beautiful and all-powerful light now moving through every part of your body: your torso, your shoulders, throughout your arms, all the way to the fingertips, as well as your hips, legs, and down to your smallest toe. Every molecule of your physical existence is filled with that loving light that you have access to, emerging you, calming you, loving you. Gently visualize guiding this light via a beautiful ray out of your heart center and toward any person that comes to mind right now – without judgment or reservation, an open light and love that is unconditional and peaceful. Keep sending it out, and a sense that this person is receiving this light of love into their own heart center, nourishing them and giving them whatever it is that they need. Keep sending this light, until you feel satisfied with the fullness within them, and then allow the light to dissipate into the world around you, like little light sparkles that nurture everyone who comes in contact with them. Become once again aware of your breathing, and allow yourself to sit with the knowledge of the beautiful energy of loving light that is within you and everyone. When you are ready, open your eyes.

— end of the meditation


“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” ― Leo Buscaglia

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”
― Leo Buscaglia

How to integrate this practice into your day-to-day

After practicing this meditation or a similar approach to directing energy for a while, you might feel the impulse to send out this loving energy throughout the day, even while doing chores, or activities. Follow this impulse right then and there, directing that blessing directly from your heart center toward whomever you feel directed to bless, again with the note that this direction should always come from a place of unconditional, loving light, without any agenda, other intend or judgment.


I hope you enjoyed this introduction to compassionate blessings and the short meditation. Thank you for listening to the Manifest a Positively Abundant Life Podcast. I am your host, Claudia Blanton – have a blessed day!


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  1. Small acts of kindness do make a difference! And your podcast sounds like one worth listening to as a drive to and from work.

    1. Author

      thank you, Bryan – I do hope that you will come back and listen to the upcoming episodes! Blessings!

  2. I’ve been doing more meditation, and it’s been such huge help. It really does keep me centered.

    1. Author

      Hi, Colleen, I am glad that you found meditation helpful. Consistency is the key! Blessings!

  3. I have to listen to your podcast. I’ve found that the more kindness I radiate and the more mediation I do, the better I feel.

    1. Author

      I hope you will enjoy it, Brianne! Kindness is such a powerful tool to heal yourself, others, and the world around us. I will be talking and writing more about that subject in the near future, so stay tuned – oh and of course, there will be more meditations. Have a wonderful day, dear – blessings!

  4. Very interest practice. I suppose the closest thing I do is to pray for others and be there in any way I can for them. I leave the rest in God’s capable hands.

    1. Author

      You are doing a wonderful thing – letting God take care of what they need, without limitations is a beautiful gift you are giving those in your care! Blessings!

  5. This is a great post to read just before Valentines day, I do belive we all need to give kindness a bit of a thought from now and then 🙂

  6. I need to send some light out today. I was definitely not sending it yesterday.

  7. I meditate daily and i couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for the guided meditation, this is great.

  8. i been trying to do some meditation as well as mindfulness , cant wait to grab a tea and listen to your podcast

    1. Author

      Thank you Pati – today is the perfect day for tea (well, actually every day is perfect for it) as it is rainy and grey. Enjoy the podcast – blessings!

  9. I don’t know about these energies you speak of but I do know that everyone has in them good and evil and has a choice to manifest whichever they want. However, to do good and be godly is the best as it provides you with joy as well as those around you.

  10. I never realised the difference between energy healing and sending a blessing. Awesome post. I’m going to try it.

  11. Can’t wait to try this guided meditation! I always try but fail by myself.

  12. Amazing article for meditation such a motivated and energetic. Thanks, for sharing.

  13. yeah, totally agree with your idea, we should more kind and send our loves to our lovers and friends. That’s nice idea.

  14. I love guided mediation! I have used headspace for years.

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