How To Use A Mind Map For Law of Attraction

Both Mind maps and the principles of Law of Attraction are not a new concept. Mind mapping is a useful tool to assist you in brainstorming, getting things done, or simply to refocus your mind on the tasks ahead. Law of Attraction is the philosophy of manifesting desires according to one’s will. They seemingly have nothing in common, or do they? Mind maps can be a very useful tool to use the principles of Law of Attraction to your advantage. Allow me to show you how.

How to Use A Mind Map For Law Of Attraction


One of the best things about mind mapping is that you really do not need any outlandish tools or a lot of time.  However, if you prefer to do them online, there are free programs available to assist you in creating them, like But any pen and a piece of paper and a few minutes of uninterrupted time will do just fine.

Before you start this exercise, I highly recommend that you are in a positive state of mind. If you are currently not in that frame of mind, I suggest that you first find a way to get there, by using one or more techniques a followed:


  • meditating
  • napping
  • mindfulness
  • partaking in an activity that brings you joy
  • watching ASMR videos – such as the one below:



Once you have moved onto a more positive state, you can proceed with the steps below: 


5 Steps For Using A Mind Map for Law of Attraction 


Step One: 

Start with being clear about what you are wanting to manifest. Is it a relationship, money, a business venture? The more detailed you can be about your desire, the better at this point. The important thing is here that you pick one single item on your list of desires. That can be simple or complex as you choose it to be.


Step Two:

Try to decern the emotional state that achieving this desire would bring you. For example, if you are desiring money, the emotional state you are looking for could be security. If you want to become a leader in your business, the emotional state that you may be looking for could be pride or a sense of accomplishment. Take your time to think about this – you may want to daydream a minute about how it would feel like to accomplish your goal. 




Look for good things about where you are, and in your state of appreciation, you lift all self-imposed limitations – and all limitations are self-imposed – and you free yourself for the receiving of wonderful things. Abraham Hicks Quotes


Step Three:

Write the word for the emotional state that you are looking for in the center of your paper, or put it in the center of the mind map application. Make sure that you have plenty of space to write around this central word for the next step


Step Four:

Write around that central word about 8 to 15 emotional states that support this central feeling state that you are looking for. In my example for the emotional state of security, I wrote 

How To Use A Mind Map For Law of Attraction

  • Honesty
  • power
  • safety
  • freedom
  • acceptance
  • creativity
  • expression
  • healing
  • growth


Don’t censor yourself. Each emotional state has a completely different meaning for each person. Allow the words to flow naturally and without holding back. These emotional states should be positive, release anything negative that comes up during this exercise. 


Step Five:

Your central emotional state word and the support words are now your focus of attention. Over the next 30 days, acknowledge and actively nurture any moment you feel these positive emotional states. Cherish them, which in turn will activate Law of Attraction, bringing you more of these positive states that you now make a point of focus. 



Bonus Tips:

  • always start out from a positive emotional state if you are working on such a deliberate creation process. If you are feeling less positive, be more general with your focus, such as looking for something to be grateful for, or use mindfulness to be present without emotional attachment 
  • if your list of emotions feels a little overwhelming, pick the emotion that has the least baggage for you – in the example above, the easiest emotion to conjure for me is creativity. 




Manifestations happen on an emotional level. Often what we are desiring is only our desire due to the fact that we assume we will receive an emotional reward from achieving that item or thing. Focusing on the emotional state, that you have previously tied to a physical state, will allow you to manifest your desire while keeping you in an aligned, positive state of mind. 

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  1. I love this idea of mind mapping. My wife got me into meditation, so I am always looking for new ways to map visualizations. I like to follow guided meditation and then start letting my mind wander, which then helps to create new routes to take place.

    You have some new suggestions which I will take up as well. Napping seems a great time to create mind maps. 

    1. Author

      I am glad that I was able to point out mind mapping for you then. Guided meditations are surely awesome as well.



  2. Hi! I understand how important it is to start out with a positive emotional state. I see you included napping among the things that can help us reach there. And it sure is effective for me.

    I also enjoyed watching the ASMR video you embedded in this post. Thank you very much!

    From all the five steps, I found step two the most interesting to me. Determining which emotional state we’ll archive once we accomplish our goal is a huge inspiration.

    1. Author

      I am glad that you thought so. Once I started incorporating this step in my manifestation process, it became so much easier and so much clearer. 

      Many blessings to you

  3. I don’t know why but having to hear sounds of nature especially the ASMR ambience has this particular effect on one’s focus and positivity, it’s further proof that we humans are attuned to nature, wouldn’t you agree? I tried controlling my emotional state of achieving safety and growth and it has this boosting effect on me which makes me more positive too 😀

    1. Author

      I am glad that you enjoyed this video – nature sounds in general, but even more so with the digital visual additions of these videos has a deep effect on my ability to focus away from negative thoughts. I am glad that you tried it as well. Many blessings! 

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