Law of Attraction Tips and Tricks: Evening Routine

Law of Attraction Tips and Tricks: Evening Routine

Routines frame our day, set the tone, and allow us to center ourselves without having to re-construct and re-consider every single day how we connect to our inner self and our chosen philosophy. Daily routines and rituals are comforting and can increase our positive state of mind when developed in an intentional way. Everyone seems to be talking about the power of morning routines, especially since the popularity of the Miracle Morning series by Hal Elrod has hit the market a few years back, but today, I want to focus on the importance of a solid evening routine in my podcast.

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Many books are focused on the morning routine aspect of creating the perfect day while neglecting the equally important evening routine.

As practitioners of Law of Attraction, it is important to frame our day properly, addressing our intention and our alignment not just during a single point within our daily existence but carry it with us from the beginning to the end. Establishing a solid, comfortable, and loving evening routine is helpful in keeping the positive momentum going, especially when used in conjunction with continuous calibration-moments throughout the day.

Let me tell you more about how to set up an evening routine and why.


“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routines.” ― Mike Murdock

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routines.”
― Mike Murdock

Why should you consider a law of attraction evening routine?

No matter what happened throughout the day, or no matter what alignment or lack thereof you experienced throughout your working hours, you most likely already know that when you are sleep, you are stopping all thought, and therefore all momentum. In other words, you are clearing your vibrational state and will allow for a new fresh start the next day.

However, it is possible to carry that worry and what happened with you into the next morning, not necessarily via dreams (that is a whole other subject we will tackle in a future episode), but via your practiced thought pattern. If you have practiced a way of thinking for a long time, it is more likely than not that you are going to being your day with the same thought pattern as you have done before. Your brain is used to thinking this way, and it is simply easier for your brain to follow what it is used to thinking.

But you can stop that (with practice) from happening.

What should be a part of your evening routine:

Of course, your routine will vary greatly depending on how much time you have devoted to it, but essentially the most needed part of your routine will only take a few minutes, so it is accessible to anyone, no matter how busy or tired you are.

Set An Intention For The Upcoming Day

By setting an intention, I do not mean that you should begin to plan your entire day ahead at this moment, but ( especially in the beginning) it is enough if you state your intent to think in a more gentle and positive, and aligned way in the next morning. That is it. A simple statement, spoken or stated in your mind, silently is enough to prep your mind, and give it a set of instructions to work on as soon as you get up.

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Here is an example of a statement of intent that would work for this

I intend to fall asleep softly and gently, resting well, and to wake up rested in the morning, with gentle loving thoughts that serve me throughout my day.

This type of statement works best, if you are already in bed, laying as comfortable as you can. Take a few deep breaths, relax your face, and make your statement of intent.

Practice this for at least 21 days consistently to see results.

Additional Law of Attraction practices to add to your evening routine.

If you have more time to devote to your nightly pre-sleeping time then you can add one or more of the following aspects to your routine as well. The more consistent you are with practice however, the more likely will there be a result, so I recommend adding elements incrementally, instead of all of them at once, so that it is more likely that you are able to keep up with them. You do not want to turn this into a chore, but something that flows naturally, and a practice that you really can work with, no matter what.


“Great people become great due to the framework, routines and habits they have set for themselves” ― Sunday Adelaja

“Great people become great due to the framework, routines and habits they have set for themselves”
― Sunday Adelaja

Prayer of Gratitude

No matter what your religious background, the most crucial spiritual prayer you can say is the prayer of thanks. Unlike prayers of petition, these prayers are incredibly powerful, and always relevant to your situation, and experience, and linked to your own emotions. Instead of simply writing in a gratitude journal, picking a specific subject to be grateful for, and intensifying it by focusing on how you view Source Energy is much more effective and powerful. Pick an experience from your day, and lean into it, holding the feeling of appreciation and deepening it, as you have your conversation with your personal connection to the loving Universal Energy

Visualize your Goals

Take a few minutes to daydream about achieving what you currently want to manifest. Only go as deep on those daydreams as you can without introducing any resisting thought – I have found myself in a negative imagined conversation with people who might want to stand in my way if I do not reign that in. So keep it light, keep it happy, keep it flowing, and explore the number of details you want to for as long as you feel that it is right for you.

Scripting Practice

Scripting is a popular, easy to use, and powerful manifestation method, but it is usually done twice a day – once as a part of your morning routine, once as a part of your evening routine.

There are many different types and schools on scripting techniques; however, the simplest one – which tends to be the most effective – is outlined in the short booklet “It Works”. Scripting keeps your mind focused on what you want, but one of the most important aspects of scripting is, that you are only directly focusing on what you are trying to manifest during your scripting sessions, and completely let go of the outcome, and any attachments throughout the day. That way you are not introducing any negative or wobbly (not so clean) vibrations and thoughts into the mix, which at the end will only keep you from getting what you want – or at least delay it.

Scripting is more than just journaling, which can be useful as well, but it is much more intentional.

Mindfulness, Focused Breathing, or Meditation

Clearing your mind with these activities, one, or the combination of all three, allows your brain to calm naturally and gives you a more peaceful state of mind, that is not only vibration-free, but also at peace, and therefore helps you sleep. These activities are best done BEFORE you do any of the other techniques so that you approach them from a resistance-free state. If practiced regularly, this additional meditation and/or mindfulness time enhances all of the other manifestation tools and practices you use during the day greatly.

What I do not recommend during your nighttime routine

  • do not watch or read any stimulating entertainment. You may think that it is your way to wind down, but just like alcohol it only seems effective in creating a sleepy state. This is especially true for news, which will carry its energies and via your memories into your dream state, and affect your mood in the morning
  • do not plan every detail of your next day. Unless you feel an impulse to take a particular action, that needs to be put on your to-do list for tomorrow, allow yourself the freedom to react from prompted impulses – as much as possible – rather than a structured schedule. If you are planning your day ahead at bedtime, you are telling yourself that you are going to stick rigidly with what you expect, rather than leaving the breathing room for the Universe to work through. Planning your day after a solid morning routine, from a relaxed state is much more effective.


“Routine is liberating, it makes you feel in control.” ― Carol Shields

“Routine is liberating, it makes you feel in control.”
― Carol Shields


  • do not stay in bed if you can not sleep. If you are noticing that you are not able to sleep, it is better to get up, and move around a little, fix whatever is making you uncomfortable, or meditate, rather than allow yourself to lay there, which often means that it brings up worry-inducing or negative thoughts. Of course, if you are lucky enough to have a moment where you can not sleep because you are excited about what is about to happen the next day – like a long-awaited manifestation, then by all means take that opportunity to bask in that glorious feeling of joyful anticipation. If you are having a problem sleeping on a regular basis, contact your health care provider to see if you have any underlying health conditions that could keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Deliberate evening routines are powerful, and a great manifestation tool, you should not miss out on. Integrating these powerful routines and rituals in your life makes living a positive, healthy, and abundant lifestyle not only possible but easy.

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  1. I really love these tips. Thank you for sharing them. I’ve always been intrigued by the law of attraction, but I never really understood it completely.

    1. Author

      well then I am glad that you stopped by. I am posting tips about co-creation processes all of the time. Hope you will come back – blessings!

  2. What great advice! I have a terrible night time routine and some time I don’t get proper rest and I know this because I wake up in the morning feeling tired. Love the idea about visualisation and practising gratitude. Really need to do more of this stuff so I can set myself up for a good ay the next day.

    1. Author

      glad that enjoyed the podcast, Amy. Make sure that you go deep with your gratitude practice! Blessings!

  3. Prayers of gratitude, no matter what I have or am facing, are definitely a part of my evening routine. I believe that God hasn’t given me more than I can handle and that thanking Him for every detail builds faith and trust. Great tips of motivation!

  4. Such a piece of great advice.Thanks for sharing the informative article with us.

  5. I appreciate the suggestion to say a prayer of gratitude. There really is so much to be grateful for

  6. You know, I hadn’t thought about it, but you do make a great point about how most posts talk about morning routines but not evening. I agree with you that evening routines are especially necessary and we should be more mindful of that.

  7. I agree with Routine is liberating, it makes you feel in control. We should always attract positive vibes. It starts with an optimistic mindset.

  8. I love these tips! I especially like “setting up intention for the next day.” That sounds like a great way to get prepared!

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