Law of Attraction Tricks: Alternatives To Vision Boards – Podcast

Law of Attraction Tricks: Alternatives To Vision Boards - Podcast

I love finding useful tools and tricks that make working with the powerful Law of Attraction easier and more integrated into my daily life, without having to utilize expensive tools or go through a lot of effort. Vision boards are easy to work with, after putting in some initial effort in creating one, but they do have some drawbacks, which in turn made me look for some alternative ways to create something that fits my life a little better. In today’s podcast, I will talk about these alternatives. You can listen to the podcast episode right here, or read the transcript below. Alternatively, you can also listen to this episode on your favorite streaming services.



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How to Create Alternatives To Vision Boards

Vision boards are a well-known principle of Law of Attraction, and while they are incredibly useful, they have some downsides in their practice that create the need for an alternative or addition to the practice.

“In order to find your true potential, what you need to do is simply determine your core values, visualize the person you want to be, challenge common thought traps, and have a clear sense of your goals.” ― Dr Prem Jagyasi

“In order to find your true potential, what you need to do is simply determine your core values, visualize the person you want to be, challenge common thought traps, and have a clear sense of your goals.”
― Dr. Prem Jagyasi

One of those alternatives is Vision Cards.

Essentially speaking, Vision Cards contain the same information that a traditional vision board would contain – plus additional info if you so choose – but placed upon index cards – or similar stock cards. Let me tell you more, but first a message from our Sponsor Anchor

Let me tell you more about what drew me to this type of visualization tool.

They are portable, and that they are private. Traditional vision boards are meant to be hung where you can see them often, if not multiple times a day, but that means that anyone who is sharing your living space or is visiting can see them as well, which in turn can open you to critique or potential embarrassment or even confrontations. The fact that I can just simply throw them into my purse, or pocket and have them always available is also beneficial because it gives me the opportunity to review them, even if I am not in my own home. I love that because there are so many times, that I spend waiting in line, waiting for an order to arrive, or simply am taking a break on a park bench, where I could utilize the power of this Law of Attraction tool. With Vision Cards, I can do that.

Another awesome benefit of vision cards is that you can change them as often as you like, without having to change an entire board. Just replace or remove one of the cards, and the rest of the self-made deck will still be usable. Let’s face it, our dreams and goals change as we grow on our own paths, therefore our tools should reflect that flexibility and have room for growth.

What can you put on your vision cards?

    • Images of your goals, similar to your vision board. For example, a representation of your dream body, or your dream house, or your dream job could be easily put on one side of the card, and you can then elaborate about your vision on the back.
    • Affirmations – whether these are statements that you know are true about yourself, or statements that you want to be true, affirmations help us stay focused on who we want to become.
    • Values and Missions – you can use your cards to internalize your mission and value system by reviewing them often
    • Your Reasons – reviewing the “why” behind our goals and dreams is incredibly motivating, which is why I highly suggest that you include them in your deck. You can use a visual representation of those reasons, like the pictures of your children, family members or loved ones, or you can simply just write on reason on each card and decorate the card – or just keep the entire stack minimalistic, that is completely up to you.
    • Your life in 5 or 10 years – here you can answer the questions like what you would be doing, how you would act, and what you would own if your life would go like you want it to go.


Additional topics you can include in your deck of vision cards:

      • inspiring quotes
      • the habits you want to have or solidify
      • behaviors you want to reinforce
      • reminders of Law of Attraction techniques, such as a note to remember to practice segment intending.

How often should you review your vision cards?

I review my deck twice a day deliberately, during my morning and evening routine – but also throughout the day, whenever I either think of them, need a pick me up, or have a moment to myself.

Winners in life visualize their success and look forward to reaping and enjoying the rewards of their accomplishments. - Lorii Myers

Winners in life visualize their success and look forward to reaping and enjoying the rewards of their accomplishments. – Lorii Myers

Other Types of Non-Traditional Vision Boards

Create a Vision Slide Show

Create a vision slide show using apps like: Video Maker – Photo Slideshow With Music

Simply screenshot images that relate to your dream life, and edit the individual slides within the slide maker apps – you can find yourself a theme song that fits your goals as well. Just like the cards, it is portable, and private, even if it not as flexible as a set of Vision Cards would be.

However, it keeps you from having to search and clip – or print out images to use. So, if you are a very visual, yet private person, this may be the best alternative to a traditional vision board.

With this technique, I highly recommend that you make separate vision boards for different aspects of your life, in order to keep the slideshow from getting too long and to keep you focused whenever you review a topic. That way it is also easier to create a different vision slide show, when your goals change, or when you have achieved or completed a vision.

Create a vision board in your journal

Another way to create a vision board would be to create it within your journal pages. Private and portable this type of vision board has a lot of the advantages of the vision card system.

Now you can do this two ways, either by using several pages or a section within the journal, that you dedicate to this practice, or you create a larger version via fold-out pages. An awesome Youtuber named AtHomeWithQuita highlighted a simple, yet effective way to do just that. You can check out her video on my blog, where you can also find the transcript of this podcast episode. The link will be in the show notes.

You can create categories and sections to make it easier to review, or again create separate vision board sections for different aspects of your life. The downside of this technique is the lack of flexibility unless you want to tear out pages from your journal.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour into the alternative ways to utilize the power of vision boards, without sticking to their traditional form.

You have been listening to the Manifest a Positively Abundant Life Podcast, Episode – How To Create Alternatives To Vision Boards.

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  1. I love the idea of vision cards instead of a board. I love vision boards, but I can’t keep them in my purse!

  2. I do believe in the law of attraction. I was at a most difficult part of my life when I began to write on my phone’s notes app the things that I wanted to happen in the next five years. And true enough, I was able to achieve all of them.

  3. These are interesting options in place of a vision board. I like the thought of creating the vision board in your journal. You can use more space and it’s private! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Positive thoughts can actually create real value in your life and help you build skills that last much longer than a smile.

  5. I have heard so many great things about vision boards. It is nice to set some goals and have a good plan.

  6. I love creating vision boards as it helps me visualize what are my goals and the things I really want to achieve. I hope I can make it soon.

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