Listify (Journal) – A Book Review

Listify (Journal) - A Book Review


Are you looking for a simple, yet interesting and stimulating journal with prompts that are positive and uplifting? I was, and that is how I can across the book Listify a few weeks ago. Let me share my experience with this book with you.

The Construction and Set-Up of the Book

I love how colorful the individual pages are in Listify! While the illustrations and commentary are not big enough, and elaborate enough to be distracting, the majority of the journal pages does not have much of any decoration and allows focus on content, and the suggested list/activity.

The colorful pages are thick, and my Stadler Fineliners did not ghost through them.



There is not much of an intro section, more like an intro page, but there is not really any introduction necessary, each page provides more than enough info to create a beautiful self-care list.

The journal is separated into four sections

  • Gratitude
  • Balance
  • Kindness
  • Joy

and each section includes several pages of mostly lined pages with a title and a charming instructive paragraph.

Some of my favorite pages are:

  • Acts of Kindness I have seen lately
  • Ways I can give back to my community
  • Favorite Animal Encounters
  • Witty Things I have said that I am proud off

As you can see, the lists are not your usual journal prompt, but a playful way to assist you in seeing the positive in life, either through what you have done or achieved, or what you have witnessed, or could do in the future. The entire book made me smile, and while I will not be writing in the book – as per usual, I transfer any journal prompts into my actual journal set-up – I was tempted to do do so with this one, simply because the pages look so warm, friendly and inviting.

I would consider this book an awesome gift for a good friend that needs some uplifting, or as a just-because gift for a mother, or an adult child.


Some of the lists are rather unique, which is awesome, while others are standard prompts in journals, but every one of them radiates positivity and joy. I adore this little book of lists.

Book Rating

5 out of 5 Stars


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Book Details:

Title: Listify: List and Journal Yourself to Balance, Self-Discovery, and Self-Care

Author: Marina Greenway

Publisher: Mango

Publication Date: January 14th, 2020

Genre: Journal, Self-help Journal, Creativity


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