Mindful Minute: Where Is Your Attention Right Now?

Mindful Minute: Where Is Your Attention Right Now?

Quote of the Day:

“If you want to change your life, change what you pay attention to - Austin Kleon

“If you want to change your life, change what you pay attention to – Austin Kleon

Quick Mindfulness Tip:

What are you paying attention to right now? The opinions of others, the current latest breaking news, or the moments of peace that are found when you see the dandelion peaking through the cracks of the pavement? The choice is yours. And changing your life is truly that simple, and also that complex.
We can allow our thoughts to run rampant, be pulled into the direction of whatever or whoever needs us to be – which usually is not a true emergency by the way – or we can be present. I know that it sounds crazy when people tell you that happiness is only found in the present moment, but once you experience that kind of happiness, it feels like magic.

There is beauty in the different textures of grasses, in the crunch of a piece of bark that fell on the floor, or in the experience of an absence of discomfort. If you just stay there, just for a short few breaths, throughout your day, a stolen moment here, a quick glance there, your attention will be occupied with the beauty of what is and has less of a chance to draw to itself more of what you do not want.



Take a moment to marvel at the complexity of the computer, or phone that you are reading this from. Often we do not pay real close attention to the power we are holding in our hands until it does not work the way we want to. Instead, allow yourself to be mesmerized by what it does for you on a daily basis, how it keeps you connected, informed, on time, entertained, and much more. How wonderful is it to have access to all of that on a daily basis?


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  1. I have been practicing mindfulness lately. I have to do it consciously because it is very difficult as of the moment. Most of the time, I have chosen to give and put my attention on productivity. And when a negative thought comes to mind, I push it away as soon as I can. I want to do mindful walking as soon as this is all over.

  2. well for me, as long as I’m happy and cool to what I am doing I pay attention to it, cause you can never buy one’s happiness.

  3. I love this, it’s so important to stop and appreciate the things around us to take in the moment.

  4. I did some mindful walking this morning. I was not sure if I was doing it right, but I just took small steps and made sure I was aware of the tiny things that I usually overlook. I took photos of wild flowers and that pretty much gave me some “feel good” feelings.

  5. This is so on point! We’re always thinking about the past or the future, but it is the present that makes all the difference x

  6. It is very important to look at the things around you. I make it a chore to do it before I sleep.

  7. I want to find a place for more mindfulness in my life, but there are so many things to do and so many distracting moments and objects. I often feel like I do now when I look at these two super colorful images.

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