Mindfulness On The Go Cards: A Review

Mindfulness On The Go Cards: A Review

Mindfulness On The Go Cards – My Thoughts

Mindfulness on the Go Cards - A ReviewIf you are a fan of affirmation cards, or other daily reminders, that are related to positive thinking, you may enjoy Mindfulness On The Go cards, even if you are new to the subject matter.

These sturdy cards are a handy reminder to practice different aspects of simple mindfulness techniques, in a clear and concise way.

The cards are double-sided – one side describing the technique in a short paragraph, while the other side goes more into details, and gives you additional thoughts and inspirations on how to integrate these powerful mindfulness techniques into your life.

The cards are useable for everyone who wants to engage in mindfulness, not just someone with a background in knowing more about this meditative technique. What I love about these cards is that they make what seems to be a complicated subject matter accessible, and easy to understand, and helps to remind us to take time to pay attention to the present moment.

The cards themselves are sturdy and on very thick cardstock, which makes them durable and long-lasting. They are quite plain to look at, white and green in the front, and darker green with white reading in the back. The print is not very big on either side, so it might be harder to read for someone with sight issues. Their glossy smoothness, indicates that they might be forgiving of the occasional smudge, however, I personally choose to keep those cards out of potential accidental spill reach, so I have not quite put their hardiness to the test, but they do feel strong to the touch.

How I use the cards:

While the book that these cards originate from, suggest practicing each individual technique for an entire week, I have incorporated them into my daily morning routine, pulling a new card each morning, and practicing throughout the day. I have found that it is easier to forget to stay consistent with following through with what is suggested on the cards,  when I only have to remember what I am supposed to do for that particular day. However, that is partly because as a person with chronic illnesses, it is simply a more accessible way for me to remember and therefore stay on top of my mindfulness practice, even on bad days.

Mindfulness on the Go Cards - A Review
            An example of one of the 52 cards that are a part of the                                                    Mindfulness On The Go Cards Deck


I really do enjoy the cards, and I actually like the fact that there are no distractions or a colorful picture on them. Even though I have been practicing mindfulness for a while, and am teaching it, it is still nice to have an anchor, such as these cards, that is reliable and easily accessible.

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4 out of 5 Stars
I am deducting a star from the cards because of the fact that they may be hard to read for some people with vision problems.

Product Detail:



Title: Mindfulness on the Go

Author/Creator: Jan Chozen Bays

Publisher: Shambala

Release Date: August 29th, 2017




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  1. Hi

    I think it is a great idea to have such cards in a portable form, where you can take one out and dwell on it. It is great that it is detailed in one side and condensed on the other, so that you can have a quick session or of you want a more detailed, extra provocative  session to go more soul searching. It is a great way to change daily onto what you want to concentrate on. All you need to do is carry around the deck. The only problem is that I see,   cannot the same quote be written as part of a mindful app on your mobile phone?



    1. Author

      honestly, I wish that there was an app that would serve the same purpose as these cards. Well, maybe there is one out there, but so far I have not been lucky enough to find one. If I do find something even remotely usable like these cards but in app form, I will make sure that I post about it! Blessings!

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