Mindfulness Podcast Episode # 5: Relaxing Light Meditation

Mindfulness Podcast Episode # 5: Relaxing Light Meditation

Are you anxious and worried, but only have a few minutes to yourself during these trying times? Then I am glad that you stopped here today, because, in this week’s podcast, I am sharing with you a short, calming meditation for relaxation. You can listen to the meditation right here, or find the podcast on Anchor, Spotify and Apple Podcast, at your convenience. If you prefer a text version, you can read the transcript here, as well as access a printable PDF version of this meditation in the resource database, which you can access by subscribing RIGHT HERE.

Listen To Episode # 5 right here:

Mindfulness Podcast Episode 5 Transcript: Relaxing Light Meditation


“As important as it is to have a plan for doing work, it is perhaps more important to have a plan for rest, relaxation, self-care, and sleep.” ― Akiroq Brost
“As important as it is to have a plan for doing work, it is perhaps more important to have a plan for rest, relaxation, self-care, and sleep.”
― Akiroq Brost


For these trying times, I have decided to change my usual podcast, and provide you with a short guided meditation that I have written for you, which you can use to unwind and relax. I hope this little gift to you will allow you to center yourself, whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

But before we begin, I want to thank this week’s sponsor Anchor, without which this podcast would not be possible!

Relaxing Light Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position, with your feet on the ground, hands on your lap. Close your eyes, and inhale gently and calmly, in a rhythm that is comfortable to your body and abilities, focusing softly on each breath, without trying to change it, or
force it, but allowing it to unfold naturally. When you are ready, place your attention to your feet on the ground. As you feel them
below you, thank them for carrying you throughout the day, for being there, for doing all that they do each and every time you want them to.
Visualize a bright white light flowing from the ground beneath, into both of your feet, relaxing them, and warming them,

Allow the light to travel up toward your knees, feeling your lower legs and knees relax, as the light travels up your thighs and your hips. Feel your thigh muscles relax and let go of all tension, becoming loose, and soft. as the light travels across your stomach and torso, you relax more, while continuing to breathe softly and naturally, in a comfortable pattern. All of the tension that your body holding, is being released, and softened, while a comfortable warmth engulfs every aspect that is you.

Feel the soft light gently move up your shoulders, your neck, your jaw and feel all of the tension subside, as it travels toward the tip of your head. Your face eases into a soft smile, and the light travels from your shoulders to your elbows, through your wrists to the tip of your fingers, where it leaves you while your body stays warm, relaxed and comfortable.

Stay with that sensation as long as you would like, breathing calmly and at your own pace in a state of total relaxation. when you are ready, bring your attention back to your feet, and gently wiggle your toes, and begin to shift in your seat, as you continue to breathe with ease, and continuing to smile. Open your eyes, and gently rejoin your day.



“Awareness of what is, without judgment, is relaxing, and is the best precondition for change” ― W. Timothy Gallwey
“Awareness of what is, without judgment, is relaxing, and is the best precondition for change”
― W. Timothy Gallwey

I hope you enjoyed this short relaxing light meditation. To access a printable PDF version of this meditation, subscribe HERE  to get access to the resource database, and our newsletter.

Thank you for listening to Mindfulness for Real

Have a blessed week!


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  1. Even as a hyperactive person, I love to meditate because it happens to be one of the few things that can calm me down and make me realize so many things. There are times when I feel my world is taking a direction that I know nothing about right in front of my eyes and all that I do at that moment is stare. Learning about relaxing light meditation, I would start practicing it even in my office because it seem really easy to do. Cheers 

  2. Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful article. Your article is really informative and I gained a lot of knowledge by reading your article which is very helpful to me. I am very aware of my health and I regularly meditation on Mindfulness Podcast .Because I like the text version choices .Just as work requires proper planning, my body needs adequate sleep, light meditation, etc. I also enjoyed this little relaxing light meditation you provided in your article .I will definitely subscribe to access a printable PDF version .I hope that I will greatly benefit from following your tips .

    I will definitely pass your article on to my friends and they will be greatly benefited and will definitely share with you their new experience. Can I share your article on my social media?

  3. Thank you for including the Podcast right here on the post. I like the relaxing tone of your voice and having the transcript is nice. Starting just as I am sitting with feet on the ground and placing hands on my lap, makes it impossible not to try it!

    I’m also grateful you referred us to Anchor. I’ll give it a try! 

    1. Author

      Anchor is awesome and so easy to use! If you have been on the fence about starting a podcast, it is the way to go, for sure – blessings! 

  4. I agree that this is a time when we all need to get it right and have some time to do some very nice meditation for ourselves. I am rather happy that you can share here some beautiful tips and this light meditation to help relax. I am sure it will help me get ahead of all the tension that is ticking the world currently. Thanks

    1. Author

      my pleasure, Henderson – blessings! 

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