Mindfulness Podcast: Give Yourself A Break With the Practice Of Bare Awareness

Mindfulness Podcast: Give Yourself A Break With the Practice Of Bare Awareness

Welcome to Mindfulness Podcast Episode # 6

Today’s podcast features a short mindfulness tip that you can practice everywhere! I love that about mindfulness – that it is practical, can be integrated into every present moment, and does not require a time set aside!

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Podcast Episode # (enter whatever number it is): Give Yourself A Break With the Practice Of Bare Awareness

Boiling everything down to bare essentials brings with it the opportunity of bare awareness. Reality is that many of us are right now, dealing with a lot more interruptions than we are used to, and different ways of doing things than we are used to.

So finding time for a 10 or even a 5-minute meditation can be non-realistic. A few moments of bare awareness, however, is possible and can bring you back from the constant chatter, that is not only going on outside of you, but also inside your head. It can be practiced anywhere – heck, if you only have the bathroom for a few moments, it can be practiced there as well.


“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.” ― Maya Angelou
“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.” ― Maya Angelou


Before I dive deeper into what bare awareness is, and how to implement it, practically, I want to thank today’s sponsor, Anchor

What is bare awareness?

Bare awareness different from the mindfulness exercises I mentioned before – for example, unlike naming things that you see or hear, you are just allowing them to be. Meaning the cup in front of you does not get the label cup, but it gets noticed without its name as simply a physical presence within your space. Practically that means that you are sitting or standing, or walking within your daily routine, and glance gently, without rushing over what is, free from naming and judging.

This takes some practice, and it is not a practice that I recommend that you do for long sessions at a time in the beginning, but rather for a few breaths.

Here is how you do this:

Soften your gaze as you occupy your space, in order to not focus intently onto one object or subject for two long. Allow your gaze to wander, and empty your thoughts in the same way you would during meditation. Your eyes simply move, almost float through the space in front of you, gently, warm, aware.

What are the benefits of bare awareness?

Bare awareness allows you to stop your mental chatter completely. It is a full stop, a complete internal silence, without closing your eyes, or moving out of your day to day life.

It is a silent, unnoticeable break, and an opportunity to reset your thoughts, and also a potential opening practice to other practices, such as the “Naming Practice”, mindful eating, and even gratitude.


It is a mini-vacation from negative thinking, and racing thoughts, and in these challenging times, a much-needed aspect of self-care, which then increases your ability to care for others.

The best thing about this (and practically any mindfulness exercise) is that no one has to know, that all of these activities are your little own piece of peace, your own moment of happiness, your little self-care secret. Indulge yourself.


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Have a blessed week!

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  1. Hello there once again, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say I really did enjoyed going through your articles. Just like you said It is a mini-vacation from negative thinking and racing thoughts, which is really what one needs in this challenging times, would be engaging in this from now on

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