Mindfulness Quote of the Day: The Time of Waiting

Mindfulness Quote of the Day: The Time of Waiting

Quote of the Day:

Instead of waiting, we can generate joy - Thich Nhat Hanh

Instead of waiting, we can generate joy – Thich Nhat Hanh (How To Eat)


We do spend a lot of time waiting, waiting in line, waiting for our laundry to be finished, waiting for this pandemic to be over.

And most of the time we dread this time in between, the time when we do not have yet, that which we want. But what if I told you that the secret to being happy is to transform your time of waiting into a time of being present?

Look there is so much joy in the present moment, so much to be grateful for, so much to feel, to sense, to smell, to taste, learn and experience, that instead of focusing on the waiting – the not yet having of whatever you are waiting for to occur – we have the chance to recognize that which is right in front of us, at this very second.

If you stop focusing on the waiting just for a little while, you can hear the giggle of a child somewhere, feel the peacefulness of a quiet morning, or recognize the opportunity to be kind and loving to someone who may need it.

The space in between asking and receiving – the time of waiting – is a beautiful opportunity for happiness, I no longer want you to miss.


Guided Meditation About Being Present (Video)



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  1. I really enjoyed your article, it is something we should all learn to do more of. Just stop and be present. I actually y feel so much calmer after reading it and watching the video as it just makes you stop and be in the moment for a change and stop your mind racing. thank you for this. could more of this help me to sleep better?


    1. Author

      Absolutely. Mindfulness exercises can help you ease anxiety and racing thoughts that may plague you before going to bed, and just help you relax in general. There is an awesome little book that I would highly recommend for anyone who is trying to start a mindfulness practice to help them sleep. It is called 5 Good Minutes In The Evening by Wendy Milstine, and there are some really great tips that are done in under 5 minutes that anyone can implement, no matter how much they know about mindfulness. Blessings

  2. With the current sitation going on in the world I find this to be extremely important. I find myself telling others all the time you have to be one with your surroundings. This post really brought that home for me.

    I have a friend of mine that whenever we go into a store he is rushing around to get in, and out as fast as possible. He does not pay attention to the surroundings. He doesn’t notice what is going on within the store around him. He is just so focused on rushing. He always tells me he is in aww at how outgoing, and friendly to everyone. How I interact with the staff wherever we go. I tell him we must always try our best to brighten the days of others. When we rush around we miss things. Did you notice that mom trying to pick up something she dropped, while holding the baby on her hip? Did you see that cashier that looked sad for some reason?  Did you notice that elderly lady behind you with 1 or 2 items while you had a full cart?  These are the things we miss when we rush. This is actually us being in a selfish state.

    We must take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others.  Thank you for this quote of the day, as it has made me remember to take care of others by taking care of myself.


    1. Author

      and thank you, Kevin, for sharing your story about your friend. For the longest time, I was like your friend, rushing through, always just doing without paying attention. I am so glad that I found mindfulness, and maybe he will do the same one day as well. Many blessings! 

  3. Hello there, thanks fir this very inspiring article, this is really timely for me, because I am really found of the waiting habit, but this post just brought to my remembrance the “Joy of now”, the most arousing line for me in this article is “what if I told you that the secret to being happy is to transform your time of waiting into a time of being present?” If this was the only thing you wrote here I still would have been learned a lot. Thanks for sharing this great insight.

  4. Hello there, glancing at this article has got me inspired and motivated. Indeed we wait for a lot of things to happen or fall in place. And it is important that while we wait we also participate in our world. As we wait for our wishes we ought to focus more on what is present. Waiting creates worries and hinders relaxation, we can find peace in participating. 


  5. I really do agree with you that a time of waiting for something else can be utilised to fo something else….For me, this pandemic that kept every waiting had been s time I really did utilize forba lot of other things.. I got the opportunity to learn new skills and get to equip myself more…. So dotn wait but use the waiting time to do something…
    Thanks for the article post

  6. Heloo Dear thanks sharing this insightful post on mindfulness. I must say that’s a nice quote you have got there, it’s inspirational. Anyways the importance or usefulness of mindfulness cannot be over emphasized. Mindfulness is very advantageous to one’s health. I have basically been practicing mindfulness and I must confess it’s has really been amazing. 

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