Podcast Episode 001: Hate Meditating? Try Mindfulness Instead

Podcast Episode 001: Hate Meditating? Try Mindfulness Instead

Hi there,

Welcome to the first episode of my new podcast “The Not So Quiet Place – Mindfulness For Real”.

In today’s episode, I am presenting you with the differences between meditation and mindfulness and will leave you with a mindfulness exercise, that you can practice anywhere, even if you never practiced mindfulness before.

Podcast Episode # 001


Transcripts of Episode # 001

You are listening to episode one of  “The Not So quiet Place – Mindfulness for Real.”

Welcome to all those who are listening, and are interested in learning about mindfulness and how it can improve your everyday life, without having to get any fancy tools or change a lot about your day to day routine.

Reality is, we are all busy, we all have a lot of responsibilities, and we all have quite a few distractions that hinder us from taking a lot of time for self-care. Mindfulness is a form of self-care, but a form that does not take a lot of time, or any money and that is available at any time you need it. Pretty cool, isn’t it?


“Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.” ― Roy T. Bennett

“Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.”
― Roy T. Bennett

The Difference Between Mindfulness And Meditation

One of my pet peeves in the mindfulness and positive thinking community is that a lot of people use mindfulness and meditation interchangeably and therefore confuse and even turn off those who are trying to embark on a journey, which can be powerfully transformational. So I am going to start with the basics here, but also leave you with some practical ideas to connect with throughout this podcast. I want you to get a feel of the potential emersiveness that mindfulness has in real life, the potential to connect it to everything you do, rather than something you practice or think of as complicated.

Let’s talk about what these practices have in common – both are a form of focused awareness. However, meditation focuses on the awareness of nothingness and therefore the absence or pause of thought, while mindfulness is a focused hyperawareness of what is in this present moment.

Practically that means, that unlike in Meditation, where we are trying to silence the mind chatter, mindfulness is focused mind-chatter, it is a deliberate, and loving way of looking at ourselves, our behavior, our thoughts, and our environment, without distractions.

Bluntly and oversimplified this would mean, during meditation I try to ignore the sound of rain hitting the window, when I practice mindfulness I become fully one with that sound, and give it loving awareness and attention.

While I will not tell you not to practice meditation regularly – there have been a lot of books written about the benefits of meditation, I am exclusively focusing on this type of Mindfulness, that hyperawareness, and everything that comes with that.

I am also not going to pay a lot of attention to breath, as I am sure, I am not the only person who is affected by breathing problems, and who still wants to effectively use this practice

Instead, we will be practicing mindful listening, mindful eating, mindful laying in bed, mindful dog walking, self-care, and even mindful shopping – yup there is such a thing,


“Do every act of your life as though it were the very last act of your life.” ― Marcus Aurelius


But let me first tell you what you can get out of practicing mindfulness:

  1. You learn how to stop disruptive and negative thought patterns
  2. You learn how to be more focused
  3. You learn how to stay more centered and calm, no matter where you are, or what situation you are in

In addition to that, I will teach you over the next few weeks and months, how you can use mindfulness as an entry point to other positive thinking and co-creation practices such as Gratitude work, Creative expression, Law of Attraction, and strangely enough, even Stoic philosophy.

Now that you know the difference and what to expect from this podcast, I am going to share with you a little exercise you can take with you today and practice right away.

In the beginning, this type of hyperawareness might sound a little silly, or a little redundant, but as you practice it more regularly, you can feel the before mentioned benefits take its effects.

Mindfulness Exercise:

Today, I want you to become aware of the seat you are sitting on wherever you are right now, whatever your location at this moment, take a few breaths and feel the seat beneath you, the sturdiness of it, the softness of the cushion, the hardness of its frame, it’s temperature, its stability, the comfort of the backrest, how it supports your back, the position of your legs, your feet beneath you, anchoring you the floor.

If you are not sitting right now, become aware of the ground beneath your feet, your shoes, any noise they are making as they impact on the ground, the different textures you feel, when you move across different terrain, the sole of your shoe, that acts as a barrier between you and the ground.

Stay with this awareness as long as you feel comfortable, emerging yourself in those sensations, being fully present with them, and within them.

You do not have to close your eyes, or stop what you are doing, just become aware of the position of your body, and the grounding sensation of your sitting or standing position.

Throughout this day, every time, you feel yourself getting upset, or find yourself worrying about something, come back to the awareness of your present location, and spend a moment there. No one has to know you are doing it, there is no reason to be self-conscious about this practice, no reason to worry about how you look, or how others perceive you. Take comfort in the invisibility of this practice.

Mindfulness is your portable little secret of self-care that you can practice anywhere without disrupting your day, without needing any space, or time aside, it is available to you right now, right away, at any time, like a best friend who is always there to support you.

And over the next few weeks, I will be your guide in getting better acquainted with that new friend.


Next time, we will be talking about why feeling at peace is a better goal than thriving for happiness and how mindfulness can aid you to achieve that inner peace. If you have any questions about today’s practice or any upcoming subjects, feel free to leave me a message via Anchor, contact me via my website.

It was a pleasure talking to you today,

As always many blessings to you


You can find my podcast on Anchor, and via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Radio Public and wherever else you enjoy to listen to a podcast.


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  1. I do not mind traditional meditation as it keeps me grounded in the present moment but mindfulness is good and it is something I need to practice because it is hard to stay focused on my task while not judging my thoughts. Have you gained a sense of peace after practicing mindfulness?

    1. Author

      absolutely. I struggled with constant negative automative thinking, which I pretty much eliminated since I started practicing a few years ago. Now I am a lot calmer, and a lot more collected, with a much better outlook on life.

      Meditation is great, mindfulness is an extension of the same energy.


  2. Hi! This is exciting to be accompanying you through this journey. The first podcast (of many to come in this series) and I feel proud I hopped on this bus from episode one.

    I liked the mindfulness exercise very much. Focusing on our seat I’m sitting on and the things around me makes me feel better. It gaves that calm relaxed sphere. Cool! Thanks for that exercise.

    1. Author

      I am glad that you enjoyed this exercise. I will be posting more of them in the upcoming episodes – hope to “see” you there – blessings! 

  3. Wow! That was an awesome read! 

    I’m really glad I found your site and will be following as I have bookmarked it. I’ve tried so many things but never heard of mindfulness. Well I can’t say I haven’t heard of it but I didn’t understand what it is. I will be trying it for sure! 

    I have 3 kids and they’re homeschooled so it can get pretty stressful sometimes. 

    Looking forward to following your podcasts! 

    All the best,


    1. Author

      thank you, Melissa – I homeschooled my two kids – both have graduated already though, so I know that you have your hands full. 

      Stay tuned, I will have a lot more tips and how to’s on mindfulness soon, blessings! 

  4. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article on Difference Between Mindfulness And Meditation. It is very useful for everyone to understand it in better way. I know that we have to stay with this awareness as long as you feel comfortable, emerging yourself in those sensations, being fully present with them, and within them. We must become aware of the position of our body, and the grounding sensation of our sitting or standing position. Your guide is awesome.

  5. Hello Claudia, thank you for sharing this light on what mindfulness truly is and the difference between mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness as it is gets attention from us all the time. We give attention to everything surrounding us. I have been practising this, well partially for sometime now and it’s truly has good benefits. I’ll love to learn more about it even as we progress in this podcast. Until then… Peace!

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