Podcast Episode 6: How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

Even when we are aware of the power of our thoughts, and the importance to think positively, life often causes us to focus on what is right in front of us, rather than directing our focus toward a more positive alignment. But in order to not spiral downward toward negative thinking, or getting back into negative thought patterns that we have worked to overcome, a temporary pause button that helps us reset our vibrational frequency, is incredibly helpful. In today’s podcast episode, I am sharing a simple, yet effective technique, that you can use to reset your thinking,  create your own pause button to find moments of peace throughout your day.

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How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

Do you want to know how to raise your vibrational frequency quickly, or stop yourself from going down the river of negative thoughts? Then the simple practice of mindful listening can give you, the needed pause and reset button that you are looking for. Let me tell you more.

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What is mindful listening?

Essentially speaking, mindful listening is being completely present while hearing the sounds or a conversation that is right in front of us or surrounding us without judgment or attachment. Basically, it is opening yourself to the present moment, and using your ability to hear as a focus point.


“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it. (21)” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it. (21)”
― Thich Nhat Hanh

How does mindful listening apply to the Law of Attraction?

When used as a pause button, becoming present with the sounds that surround you, allows you to stop any negative thoughts, and similar to meditation will quiet your mind, but without taking a break from where you are in the present moment. You can deliberately choose to stop your internal chatter at any point throughout the day, no matter where you are, and focus simply without any judgment on what you hear right then and there.

While meditation is the best way to get ahead of negative vibrations, mindful listening allows us to stop them temporarily at the onset throughout our day, at any point, no matter what is going on. It does not take long, just long enough until you feel yourself enter a neutral state of mind, or at least at a higher frequency than what you were before. From that point, you can utilize other types of co-creation techniques, such as the focus wheel, a rampage, or best yet, segment intending.
It is an effective tool to get back into control of your vibration on the onset of a negative thought.

Because it is so versatile, it can be applied to any situation, and at any location. while I do think that meditation time and power naps are the most effective way to stop a train of thought, they are not always applicable in real life.



How to Apply Mindful Listening

Open yourself up to the sounds that are surrounding you. You can either allow all of them to come into your awareness, or pick one of them directly, and keep that one in the realm of your focus for a few minutes. In the beginning, when you are first starting this practice of mindful listening, I highly recommend to keep those moments brief and increase the time of each practice slowly as your ability to focus increases through practice. It is also advisable to do this multiple times a day, not just in the times you are catching yourself thinking negatively, or are caught in worry.

“Life is a dance. Mindfulness is witnessing that dance.” ― Amit Ray

“Life is a dance. Mindfulness is witnessing that dance.”
― Amit Ray


Take your time to listen to your soundscape closely, the quality of the sound, the length of a sound their pitch. Also pay attention to the pause in-between sounds, the stillness that is there at times, and that feels like a warm blanket, or a soft hug – pleasant, rejuvenating. Small moments seconds even, of these blissful attention, can raise up our vibration quickly, from wherever you were when you started, to inner peace.


Mindful listening is focus training

Consider mindful listening a training tool that allows you to stay focused for a longer period of time, not just for this practice, but also during meditation. The longer you can focus on a sound throughout the day during activities, the longer you will be able to keep your mind still during meditation.


While I do not think that all mindfulness techniques are applicable for someone who is trying to master the co-creation process, I do believe that mindful listening can be an effective tool to refocus your mind, by giving you a quick ability to pause and reset your day.



  1. Your website was filled with great techniques especially when it comes to coping and dealing with negative thoughts. As some one who suffers from dealing with being her own worst enemy this article definitely gave me tips to cope with the negativity. Nice work and the quality of your content is phenomenal.

    1. Author

      thank you for your very sweet comment! I really do appreciate it, and I hope that I can help you along your journey to a positive outlook. If there is any particular topic you are struggling with, let me know, and I will see if I can point you toward resources to assist you. Blessings! 

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