25 Inspirational Quotes for A Positive Monday

This Monday, I want to not only share with you inspirational quotes for a positive day but also invite you to ponder a question over the next few days: Are the small decisions you are making today really that insignificant? The Power of The Compound Effect The decision to allowContinue Reading

52 Inspirational Quotes About Mistakes

We all make mistakes, what we do with them is the important part. Allow me to give you some inspiration to motivate you to choose the best possible response, no matter what you are facing today.   Quotes about Mistakes     “Anyone can make a mistake…. It’s how theyContinue Reading

48 Choose Your Own Path Quotes To Motivate You

“Don’t let the agony, regret, or fog of yesterday blind you to the fact that each new day carries with it a plethora of opportunities to move your life in the right direction.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience No matter which path weContinue Reading

When reading self-help books, or even devotionals, the topic of keeping a daily journal is often discussed and suggested. However, putting this practice into a daily routine is another step entirely. While I suggest adding journaling to both of your morning and evening routine, I do not want to merelyContinue Reading