This Week’s Positive Finds # 2: Meditation And Relaxation

This Week's Positive Finds # 2: Meditation And Relaxation

Welcome back to “This Week’s Positive Finds”, where I feature positive news, videos, people and anything else that lifts our spirit! If you are new here, check out last week’s post for our first edition of this feature.

If you have a positive video, news, blog post or a clean meme (non-political, please) that you would like to see featured here, send me a link with a short description, and one link to your website or social media to with the subject: This Week’s Positive Find Submission”, and I will consider adding your suggestions to the weekly feature. For more submission details, and guest blogging and collaboration opportunities, check out my About Me Page. 


Favorite Meditation Video Of The Week:

Tess Whitehurst is one of my favorite teachers when it comes to the subject of decluttering and living a magical life. Her youtube channel features a wide variety of topics, including some awesome meditations, one of which I am sharing with you today. Check out her channel for more, or visit her website for more resources and courses.

Fine Art


Favorite Law of Attraction Video

I am a fan of Abraham, which are channeled through Ester Hicks, who is most likely the most well-known personality in the realm of Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking. She is kind enough to allow others to spread her message, including on Youtube, and I really enjoy what the curator of the channel  “Feel Good” has done in terms of animating her recordings. Much better than simply listening to the audio recordings of these important messages, at least in my opinion. Enjoy!




Best YouTube Channel For Those Who Are Spiritually Curious



Pagan Perspective is a channel that features a variety of topics related to the big spiritual umbrella of Paganism. Each week, a topic is chosen, and individual YouTubers discuss what that particular topic means to them in their own practice as Pagans. If you are spiritually curious or consider yourself Pagan,  or just want to know what other people believe, then check out their channel. This week’s topic was “Finding the Right Path”.


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Favorite Article on Medium About Positive Psychology

Overthinking is a big problem for many, which can add to anxiety and depression if left unchecked. Thomas Oppong offers a deeply insightful article on Medium on how to defeating this pattern called Psychologists Explain How To Stop Overthinking Everything, with lots of practical advice. You can read his article for free here.


Favorite Book I Read This Week:

As I Lay Pondering: daily invitations to live a transformed life by Kayce Stevens Hughlett 

Release Date: Dec. 1st, 2019 – available for pre-order

As I Lay Pondering felt just like a spiritual devotional without centering around a belief system or tied to a particular deity but instead asks us to take a closer look at the divinity within ourselves.

While each section has a particular date assigned to it and follows a calendar year, I do not believe, that you have to wait until the beginning of the year to begin reading it, as these messages can be useful and inspiring no matter where you start in this book. I love books like that, because even if I am getting a devotional at the end of the year, I am very eager to get started, and hardly have the patience to wait. With this book, you can just jump right in, wherever you are in the year right now.

It’s mindful and thoughtful feel, added to the appeal, in a very refreshing and warm way. It made me feel good! ( I received a free ARC copy of this book, in exchange for a review)

Available for pre-order now 


Favorite Positive Facebook Page Of This Week:

I love flowers almost as much as I love quotes, especially during the winter months, when there is not much blooming going on outside. A daily dose of flowers is one of the pages I subscribe to on Facebook, that instantly makes me smile. So if you like flowers, give them a like, and let them know I sent you!


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Favorite Positive Living App

Last but not least, I have just discovered an app that features nature sounds and gives the user a huge sense of control in creating their own soundscape for meditation, sleep or relaxation – or deep work of course! It is also a part of the Google Play Pass, which allows you to take advantage of the premium version of unlimited apps and games, as long as they are a part of the Play Pass system. You can check out the app by clicking here


I hope you enjoyed this week’s featured content! Let me know which one is your favorite in the comment section below!








  1. I am really happy I stumbled across your blog post on meditation.  I have been trying to learn to meditate for quite some time now.  I have tried several different types however I have a hard time with staying focused. Whenever I try to meditate I find my mind pondering the oddest thoughts.  I know the idea is to let them pass by like a cloud but easier said than done.  Having said that is there a type of meditation you can recommend the easily distracted? 

    1. Author

      yes, I can recommend two different ones actually

      1. Guided meditations. For those who are first starting out, or are easily distracted even after trying for a while, it might be easier to try focusing on the words and directions of another person, than being left alone with your thoughts. There are plenty of high quality guided meditations for focus available on YouTube

      2. Walking meditation. If sitting still makes it easy for you to get distracted, try walking meditations. Not only do you get the benefits of exercise, and the benefits of being in nature, you also get the benefits of meditation, by focusing on your steps, and on your steps alone. 

      I hope this was helpful


  2. First of all thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful video. Completely agree with you. Loved reading your article and I learned a lot about meditation by watching this video. I read very carefully. We should all meditate 30 minutes a day. Then our peace of mind will come and our thinking power will increase. Every morning I wake up at six in the morning and at least 30 minutes after I wake up, I meditate. As I meditate, there is a tranquility in my mind and I can avoid my anxiety.

    1. Author

      Thank you, wow you have a great daily meditation practice going there for yourself – good for you! You are right, meditation and mindfulness as well, can assist with the reduction or even elimination of anxiety. 

      Many blessings! 

  3. I love your suggested videos and books.  I think it’s a great way to share your positivity.  And today I think we all need some more positivity, I know I do today.  I found my focus for the day because of you.

    Be Nice To Yourself and Chill was JUST what I needed today and it calmed me down a bit.  I can focus my energy better now.

    The soundscapes app is also a huge winner!  I’m listening to that now while I do all my work.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Author

      awesome!  I am glad that you enjoyed my post, thank you very much! I hope that you will stop by again next week for another edition of This Week”s Positive Finds! 

  4. This website gave me positive vibes right away. I did the Tess Whitehurst’s chakra clearing meditation. It made me feel better and more relaxed.

    The law of attraction -video was also a positive finding to me. I’ve been thinking about and practicing the law of attraction a lot recently, but this video really made me get it in a whole new level. The law of attraction is all about allowing things to happen, and you need to be kind to yourself and relax so that you can allow.

    Thank you for introducing these positive findings. 

    1. Author

      My pleasure! Because you said you really liked Tess Whitehurst’s meditation, I thought I would point you into the direction of one of her books The Good Energy Book – which is filled with a lot of positivity, but also practical tips on how to get more positivity in your life. 

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