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The journey to abundance starts outside of what you are asking for. Find peace there and abundance will find a way in.

The journey to abundance starts outside of what you are asking for. Find peace there and abundance will find a way in.


A Strategy To Grow Abundance

You are trying to grow your wealth? Great! Want to use Law of Attraction to so? Even better! However, if you have been experiencing a lack of money for a while now, a direct approach may not be the best option for you.

Instead, begin working from the outside in. Find a subject that you are already in joy with – such as the love for your children, your affinity for reading, or your ability to cook a great meal. Emerge your thoughts in the positivity of those experiences, and focus your gratitude upon the subjects that are so positively familiar with, until you have raised your vibration to a feel-good place on a regular basis.



Then, and only then, gently approach the topic of money and wealth creation, in a loving way, walking closer toward what you are trying to manifest while being grounded in the joy and positivity that your practiced state of higher vibration and gratitude has already placed you in.

Journal Prompts to discover your areas of joy:

  • what would you do all day long if money would never be an issue?
  • during which activities do you find yourself smiling the most?
  • what activities make you happy no matter who you are with, or where you are at that moment?


Recommended reading:


Bite-Size Happiness – a book filled with ideas on how to find pockets of joy, no matter where you are, and no matter what is going on in your life.

This little daily positive “meditation” book, gives you something to ponder, sometimes asking you to take action, other times, asking you to contemplate.

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  1. As a grandma raising her granddaughter, I always need a little boost to make my day (and hers) more abundant and fulfilling! When I came across your site this morning while enjoying a hot cup of coffee, I said to myself, “I think I have found what I’m looking for!”

    I love quotes—especially motivating ones and find that Maya Angelou had some of the best! I am also a big fan of Jim Rohn.

    I am grateful to have found your site amidst the myriad of other sites. Keep on encouraging people and offering advice! The world needs it!

    Best wishes,
    Karin 😁

    1. Author

      As turbulent as our lives are across the world, we surely need to find a way to focus on the positive.

      Thanks for being such a great Grandma – she is blessed to have you in her life!

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